Wednesday, January 16, 2008

In General

I am pleasantly surprised by the fact that

1. The file cabinet that I assumed, for the last year, was locked? Is not.

2. I can do the split stitch, and it doesn't look half bad.

3. My husband's company just got word that, come March, they will be able to work for the federal and state governments again. Wheee! (The owner and VP are still in prison but the show must go on...)

4. After 35 years of hating tunafish...I actually like it. Solid white in water, only. With lettuce and Hellmans. Better on toast.

5. There are cute worker men right outside my window at work. Which is some feat, as I'm on the second floor.

6. I am better at not spending money than previously thought.

7. My four favorite christmas presents were things I didn't even ask for. There may be photos.

8. It's going to be eight degrees this weekend. Skating on Monday, possibly?

9. The Colts lost and the Chargers are crying and whining all the way to Foxboro. Again, it is going to be eight degrees this weekend. Cold enough to freeze Ladanien's tears?

10. I have tickets for High School Musical on Ice and totally forgot about them until yesterday. My girlie is going to flip.


Pocklock said...

Eight degrees at Foxboro is just what the doctor ordered.

In the name of Tom Brady,

~**Dawn**~ said...

Sorry about your Super Bowl plans getting squashed by a Manning this past weekend. If it's not one driving you crazy, apparently it's the other. The good news is that my Perfect Super Bowl still has a fighting chance, and also, the Chargers are starting to talk smack. Again. ;-)

Mig said...

Wheeee ... skating ... Monday?

jenny said...

Pocklock, I've learned that prayer. My standing position on church is this: I worship at the House of Belichick. Services on Sunday at one and four.

Dawn, Those Damn Mannings. And to be thwarted by Jessica Simpson isn't fun either. Those foolish Chargers, will they never learn?

Mig - there are many variables but it IS a possibility.

Amy said...

oooh, I do love me some cold football weather (as long as I'm toasty on my couch!) and oooh how I do love me some Tom Brady!!

(I love this whole list, by the way!)

~**Dawn**~ said...

That's ok. I don't mind them getting us fired up for another lesson in what not to say to the Patriots. ;-)

Jennifer (Jen on the Edge) said...

That's a lot to be pleased about. Except the 8 degrees part. Brrrr...s

Amy said...

woohooo!!!! VICTORY!!! Arizona, here we come - well, not "we" exactly, but you know.

YIPPEEEE Patriots win!!!