Tuesday, July 10, 2007

My Late Eight and Eight More - Actually Ten More Because I Can't Do the New Math

Sarah Louise tagged me awhile back and I've been laaazy about posting. Really, really lazy. So here's my 8.

1. My favorite quick breakfast? An english muffin with a smidge of butter, some peanut butter and cottage cheese with chives.

2. I forgot my three year blogiversary. Is that really what it's called? Blogiversary?

3. I love where I live and don't ever seriously consider selling. But every once in awhile, for a day or two, I get obsessed with the Maine real estate scene, half convincing myself I would move there if the husband could find a reasonable job.

4. I am so NOT digging those french manicured toe nails.

5. I totally love video games and I suck at each and every one of them. I've only ever beaten the Sims games for my gameboy. Usually what happens is they get hard and then I quit playing. Which is why I like the Sims and Harvest Moon. But then, if I don't suck I just lose interest. Oh, wait. I beat the Little Mermaid game on my Sega about fifteen years ago. How's that for retahded. That I actually remember beating this game but I can't remember my kid's first words. Nice.

6. I love a new box of crayons or colored pencils.

7. Am going to see the Harry Potter movie this weekend. It better be a damn sight better than #1, #2 and #4. Since I've only like The Prisoner of Azkaban so far, I don't have super high hopes for this one but maybe that way I won't be disappointed. But the book? I. Cannot. Wait.

8. I have a sick old lady crush on Phil of the Future

And Oh My Christ. Blackbird has tagged me too. Eight more? We'll see.

9. I have an insane aversion to hair and all things teeth. Now, I still go to the dentist and the hairdresser but am completely skeeved out by any talk of scraping, the whole root canal issue for the boy gives me the chills and the hair on the floor of the salon? Almost dry heaves.

10. I stopped wearing a watch a few years ago and my digital clock in the car has never worked (well, not true - it usually comes back to life for a few weeks each winter and as an aside...WTF?) and I've become really good at knowing what time it is anyway.

11. I am embarrassed that I actually think that's a skill. Would I make the lamest talent show performer ever? Um, yes.

12. When I was a kid I wanted to be on Sesame Street in the worst way.

13. I wish I could sing. Or type. I typed sign four fucking times before I got it right.

14. I love the smell of coconut.

15. I get all anxious now over the stupidest of things these days. Like planning to go camping or even out for the day...not that I worry about what could go wrong more like I worry about every available possibility (can't forget the camera, grab a sweatshirt it could be cold, bring the kite maybe it'll be windy, put a book in the car you might want to read) - I'm driving myself batty.

16. I always lose one earring. Unless I hate the earrings.

17. Last time I checked I still had a scented magic marker I stole from CCD, it smells like peppermint. And I've had it for like 20 years, at least. I got to quit CCD when they wouldn't confirm me so it had to be before I was 15. Stealing from a church...what a sweetheart.

18. My car needs to be vacuumed.


blackbird said...

I think you did some extras.

1. All together? sheesh.

4. Ditto.

14. But synthetic coconut, not real coconut.

18. I have an entire beach in my car.

jenny said...

14. that fakey coconut, suntan lotiony smell - that's the one.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Yes. Blogiversary. Like on Friends, with Monica & Chandler and the monthiversary.

Sarah Louise said...

Well, I think you might be the first of my taggees (is that a word) to do the meme, so that's not lazy. It's summah!

4. I could not agree more!!
6. Yes, although it's been a really long time...
7. Me too--I need it if only for the escape to a land far far away from the library.
18. There's a half way decent FREE vacuum near the motel where I stayed in Moon Twp. So my car is mostly debris free. (Mostly...)

and my vw is olrsy, which could be "all rosy" or "old rosey" and since I'm super stressed, I prefer all rosy!!

Sarah Louise said...

and I love monica and chandler's vegasversary and all the variations...

Amy said...

wow, I don't know where to begin, but have I mentioned that I LOVE these things!? Oh, and have I said that I think you're really cool yet this week? Didn't think so. Hang in there with the kids (read that: try bribery? - plan B, ship 'em to PA where there's a lonely mom missing her kid)

Jennifer said...

I got the french manicure toes with my last pedicure.. gotta tell ya.. I don't like it much either.

Who wouldn't want to be on Sesame street. Heck I STILL want to be on sesame street.

I am wishing I never read a Harry Potter book. I wish I would have watched all the movies first, and then read all the books. ( that's not saying I liked or disliked the movie at all.