Sunday, July 08, 2007

Not At All Uplifting

This was the longest 'not really a vacation' week for me ever. I'm a bit concerned as we've got alot more summer left and the kids have been gold medal winners in the Summer Bickerlympics.

They have effectively been banned from TV and computer privileges. When they stop the sniping they may, MAY get reinstated. We do let them watch, on occasion, if we're watching something they might be interested usually ends up being a thirty minute show (Dirty Jobs or How It's Made or some other Discovery Channel thing) sometime during the day. I save Weeds for after their bedtime.

The 4th seems like like forever ago. We went to the cheesiest fireworks display in the next town over, I think it was maybe a few nights before the forth. At least they were close by and there was no traffic. Which probably explains the previously mentioned cheesiness.

The rest of the week is kind of foggy

... there was a cookout or two, a trip to New Hampshire, some thunderstorm watching (click the top picture for a lightening bolt), a trip to the beach and I'm sure a few other things.

all I know is, I. Am. Exhausted.

I feel more like an unpaid babysitter than a mother. An unpaid babysitter that can't even go to the bathroom or talk on the phone (even my minute and a half conversations have been too long) without either A. listening to a soon to be argument or B. worrying that they are arguing, just too quietly for me to hear. Choice B is usually not justified, but now I'm a bit gun-shy and am busy thinking the worst. I find that I cannot wait to go to work, the grocery store...anywhere. And I hate it, my stomach actually hurts just from typing that out. I didn't want my summer to be like this and I feel like a colossal failure on top of it because, y'know, why can't they just be nice to each other? At this point I don't even require nice, just mere tolerance of each other's breathing patterns would be acceptable. Even this lowering of my standards has me depressed.