Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Training camp opens this week.

My Fantasy Team is set. Check out that lineup - WooT!

My grieving over the loss of Asante isn't quite complete. He'll be kicking himself come SuperBowl Sunday, no doubt.

And when cold weather brings this

and this

I'm ready for summer to end.

Not really, but seriously - playoff baseball and Patriot's football? Sounds like heaven to me.


catsteevens said...

Football. Baseball. Much better subjects than HP....
ok, ok, I know a lot of people are like WHAT DID SHE JUST SAY?!??

Hee hee :)

Amy said...

I work Sundays 10-6 and Mondays 2:30-11. Yep. I think I'm already in tears.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Total agreement with catsteevens! ;-)

I am about over Asante and his ego. He's not going to get a deal like the one he's got his eye on. $30 million in 3 years? When he's only had one season that made us sit up & take notice? If he's smart, he'll shut up, play for the $7 million franchise tag, out-do what he did last year, get to the Super Bowl, make some huge post season contributions -- and *then* start talking "show me the money."

I still can't believe how awesome your team turned out.