Monday, July 23, 2007

Patience - a virtue I totally do NOT have

The stars were aligned for a perfect weekend with my dear friend Harry. I cleared my slate for the book, to be delivered on Saturday by 7 p.m. I could read all night, I WOULD read all night, couldn’t imagine how I could put it down.

Then I get the first email, from Amazon…USPS shipping it says. Um, no. The postman doesn’t deliver packages to my doorstep…they’ll hold it at the post office, which in this small town is CLOSED on Saturdays. I call myself (see Amazon’s help section for more on this feature) and Brian answers. Brian, and I have to say I was extra happy about this – was not from Delhi – and I could understand every blessed word. Even when the blessed words were telling me that there was no way to specify UPS shipping, that the package was already on its way but that he’d refund me the shipping charge. Damn Brian.

Hold on, what’s this? Another email from Amazon…telling me my package has shipped via UPS and click here to check the status. Never mind that the status checker just clicked me over to Amazon where it said it was being “processed”. Never mind, never mind, never mind. I will ignore what Brian has told me and the suspicious lack of tracking info.

Friday comes. Maine or no Maine? Harry would wait for me. Especially if I spent my weekend in a world devoid of cable, internet and radio. Well, unless they blurted something out during the Red Sox radio broadcast, I’d be safe. And the Sox played again on Sunday afternoon, leaving me free to read and not be sucked in by this new and improved Julio Lugo.

I arrive home, anxiously scouting around the kitchen…hmm, cordless phone, takeout menu, hardened papier mache balloons. No box. I wonder if my husband has placed it reverently on my bed. My husband? Not likely, but one can never be too sure. I jog up the stairs. Nothing. Back to the kitchen and then I see the card. The card from the Post Office with the “Available for pick up on Monday” box checked. Monday when I have to work until seven p.m.


I check Surviving Grady this morning. Super. Cancer survivor Jon Lester was called up and is the starting pitcher tonight. Can he hold off his triumphant return for just one more evening…pulleeeeze? No? The world DOESN’T revolve around me? Yeah, well, blahblahblah.

I renig on my vow to remain internet celibate. I visit the blogroll and find little mention of Potter with the exception of Babelbabe who has me nearly dying because the body count is so large she has lost track.

Five hours until I can kiss my little cretins goodnight.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I'm safe to read! I've never read a single Harry Potter book or seen a movie. LOL!

So... happy with your fantasy team?

Sarah Louise said...

I'm waiting to post on it, b/c a lot of folks haven't finished. That is all. Hope you get your "Harry time" soon.

jenny said...

dawn, dawn, dawn.

How could i NOT be happy?!?!!

SL - Got my Harry time and thoroughly enjoyed it. Can't believe it's over, though.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I am telling you! I think you have half the Patriots on your team! The only thing is I hope you find a way to piece together enough guys to play on their bye week. LOL!

Steve Smith too. Sheesh. You must have an in with the Commish or something. =P

catsteevens said...

No HP anywhere near my blog. I feel really out of the loop :(