Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Crafty I am not. I can't paint or draw, I can't sew (although that's inching it's way up my list of things I'd like to learn) or polymer clay or knit much more than simple scarves and hats. I certainly do NOT scrapbook and my card making career took a serious nosedive after I made, like, thirty identical invitatations to my sister in law's baby shower. It was kind of boring and sort of pricey. Although I do still love the paper products.
Anyhow...I think I've found it. The cross stitch book mark sort of got me started, I loved the sentiment but really.... a gazillion tiny little x's are so not my style. Then I made my girl a book mark and then one for the boy. Hers was easy peasy with some flowers and his was a test of my new skills with his hockey number, a hockey stick and some arrows (he's been going to archery).

I've been lurking over here for months now and that site is like a cool drink of water. My blood pressure and pulse probably drop by 20% every morning when I visit. She posted a picture of some embroidery that she's done and since then I've been hooked.

And so, I'm debuting my first real completed USABLE (bookmarks aside) project. A library bag for the daughter. It has her name embroidered in yellow on the flowery/camo side but it's been blacked out. And the big camo square is a pocket for her library card. Awwwww.
The boy's bag, which I'm betting he won't even USE, is in progress. The satin stitch isn't quite as vexing as it was during the Dog Bone Debacle of 2007.
So for now, I'm loving it. And you, faithful internet readers, will get to share the joy. Every. Single. Time. I. Finish. Something. Because I? Hardly finish anything.


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OH my gosh, I love that!!!

*BB* said...

so cute!! Satin stitch is a bitch! But yours looks sooo good!