Thursday, August 02, 2007

There was a dental crisis here last December.

Hockey Stick vs. Teeth.

The hockey stick (an odds on favorite) was the victor and his opponent, my son's two front teeth, exited his mouth shattered and dejected and fell into a storm drainage grate.

There's been more dentist and endodontist visits than I care to count, although my insurance company has been doing a stellar job on that front. (Five endo and Five dental - I think)
The latest and greatest info is that we should wait six more months to let his teeth grow as much as possible before doing the root canals (which, effectively kills the teeth) and to have his exposed dentin & such(read: the inside of your tooth and nerve endings) surfaces rebonded (the original work fell off in June).

And so:

December: The day after, before the dentist visit.

Yesterday: Before the rebonding thing

Yesterday, after the dentist's office.

I almost cried. He just looked, so familiar to me, I felt like I recognized that smile.


SneakyPeek said...

Holy cow that rebonding thing works EXCELLENT!

Hope it sticks!

blackbird said...

That is some damn fine work -

he looks so happy!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Um, if he's going to keep playing hockey, aren't the front teeth a goner no matter what? ; )

Sorry! (His smile looks lovely now.)

Anonymous said...

He looks like he's happy! They look great. This may be dumb but why do they need to do the root canal at all if this is how good the bonding looks? Will they fall off every few months, is that it?

You have a brave boy there to go through all of that dental work. Braver than me!

Jennifer said...

Wow! I almost cried for you too!

Amy said...

OOh I would so cry!! That is so awesome!! YIPPEEE for boy!!!

catsteevens said...

GREAT SMILE :) He seems quite happy, yes?

True Willow said...

WOW...I want the # for your dentist. Here's to pretty smiles and pretty teeth. High Five!

Lisa said...

That's quite a change. Amazing what they can do with teeth, isn't it?

*BB* said...

Great job! This brings back similarly expensive and traumatic memories for me but a good endo and a good dentist are worth a LOT.