Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Some Random

  • A big shoutout to the gigantic black dodge truck I was following this morning....your awesome tailgating skills made those slow folk actually pull off the road. Love you.

  • And to the BFI dumpster truck we got stuck behind a few miles later... What's your nickname? Karma?

  • Mr. Interviewer: When the welcome letter to your company tells me I can make personal phone calls, send faxes and order whatever I need and then you also mention that you supply drinks, a gym membership and if it's slow I can browse the internet and chat with my coworker. And I can work, sort of, which ever days I choose... Plus paid holidays (and over a week off at christmas!). Um, pleeeeeese call.

  • To the engineer who climbed on top of my chair to get a file (while I was out using the copy machine) and knocked a picture frame off the shelf, shattering glass everywhere: Two weeks later glass shards are STILL falling out of my keyboard. Thankssomuch.

  • Hockey season is creeping up on us...husband is head coach this year. I'm not looking forward to hearing the gripes from other parents about playing time and second guessing his decisions. He has ten days to get 14 random kids ready for their first game...oye.

  • Am enjoying The Wire. Just finished season one and am a few episodes into season 2. Good stuff.

  • Husband's boss was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in federal lockup and fined $150,000, the VP was sentenced to 1 1/2 years and fined $10,000 and the company was fined three million dollars (to be paid in installments). A memo was sent home in his paycheck a few weeks ago where the boss was promising that the company would continue to work and there was new leadership in place. New HONEST leadership I'm assuming, but whatevah. He also said he looks forward to getting out of prison (uh, not even IN yet) and enjoying another thirty years in the construction industry. *shakes head*

I love bullets but they do fuck with the formatting when you try to retrofit them in, don't they?

So nevermind with the bullets.

Have I mentioned how much I hate watching Sox games at the Trop? No? My husband was monkeying with the contrast buttons on the remote until I showed him that the warning track and on deck circles are really not clayish but RED turf and that no we do not need to adjust our tv. Never mind the folding chair setup they've got going on there for the bullpen. And the horrible mike they make Remy use and the silver color of the turf. Yeah, um, never mind all of that.

And doesn't Gagne look like he should be guzzling Yoo-Hoo, eating straight from a pizza box and playing PS3 instead of sucking it up on the mound? Maybe that's where he will be if he doesn't start pitching better...he's just gearing up for his future.

Supposed to be going camping this weekend...but the husband (and kids) were invited on his friend's yacht for a day, y'know to travel over to the Vineyard and hobnob. Well, not really with the hobnobbery but seriously, a yacht with bedrooms and bathrooms (PLURAL!). His wife isn't going so it's just the men and kids. The boy has visions of butlers, the husband has visions of beers and steaks...but they are just that - visions. Because we're heading up to New Hampshire, sleeping on the ground in our tent with two rooms (PLURAL!) and walking to the bathrooms (PLURAL!). Such luxuries await.


SneakyPeek said...

Am crossing my fingers that bullet number three CALLS!

I am thinking he is out of the office today. I haven't had any replies to my inquires.

Stay tuned!

~**Dawn**~ said...

OMG the lighting at the Trop. You should try to watch a game *in* the freaking Juice Dome. And don't even get me started on the "bull benches" they have.

As for Gagne... have you ever looked at our pen all sitting out there in a row? It looks like a frat house got special seating for a game. =P Well and Timlin. He's the guy that just never wants to graduate.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Hey! Two room tents are awesome!

Have fun camping. We were supposed to go this year, but it isn't looking promising at this point.

Jennifer said...

I don't like to watch baseball at all on TV.. I'm a much happier person AT the game.

The husband can have beer and steaks while camping too right, so it shouldn't be that big a deal right?

I found when we were there that everyone drives much too slow for me.

Anne said...

So in this day and age why are people in your office standing on chairs? Isn't that a violation of OSHA? That is serious! I was Hockey team mom one year. Yikes! Course thats easy. Not like coach.