Sunday, October 15, 2006

She needs two hands to show how old she is

Six years ago yesterday.

A kiss from an older brother.

Arriving home.

so absolutely kissable at four weeks old.

again, with the smoochable.

three hours ago.

six years have gone by in what feels like minutes.

Happy Birthday Girlie.


Jennifer said...

Those baby pictures!!! WAYYYYYY to cute :)

She's becoming such a beautiful girl :)

Happy Birthday!

Twist of Kate said...

Aw....we have our baby girlie's birthdays on the same weekend...aren't we so cute!!!! :) Well happy birthday to her, I miss our "talks", she's getting so big, we probably won't be saying: ksadjnfia naoidfnpaie nfa to each other anymore. They grow up so fast! Hope she had a great birthday weekend! I'm tuckered out from mine!

blackbird said...

She is CUTE.

Happiest of days to her from her friend in Tuvalu!

vw bug said...

Wow. She grew up so fast! And very cute.

Lisa said...

Happy birthday, little girl!

Peter N said...

Time flies. But those pictures so beautifully capture its passing. WONDERFUL. Thank you.

Amy said...

Look at those dimples!! What a doll!!Happy Birthday!!! (To Mom, too - you deserve it!)

catsteevens said...

Agree with amy....those are definitely some cute dimples. Happy Birthday!

I have a very similar pic to the one of older brother kissing little sister, where my older brother is giving me a kiss on the forehead. Kyoot!

cady said...

awww...what a cutie. happy birthday!!

jenn said...

What sweet post. I hope she had a Happy Birthday.