Friday, October 20, 2006

In Review

Dearest Interviewers:

I am submitting a brief synopsis of yesterday's employment interview for your reading pleasure.

Currently, I am performing the exact same job I interviewed for yesterday, and then some. A job I plan on keeping, by the way. I am well qualified and would make an excellent asset to your town. However,

1. There were THREE people there to interview me. I transcribe town board meetings - I am not a neurosurgeon. The three person tag-team interview style for a 12 hour/month position was a little excessive.

2. The woman I'd be replacing? The main interviewer? Congratulations on your 21 years of gainful employment with the town. And thank you for continually reminding me of that fact in your not so subtle way. I'm sure your meetings run like a well oiled machine. Actually, I know they do. You told me. You seem to be curt and efficient but certainly not as intimidating as you wished. You were almost pleasant, even. ALMOST.

3. After leaving the hour long interview (hell-low, it's transcription not rocket science) I drove out of the absolutely beautiful tree lined driveway and thought to myself....Please, please, please don't offer me the job.

4. The man on the phone said that this might become a full time position in the future as the current gal from item #2 will be retiring. How come no mention of that yesterday? It would've been the nail in your coffin husband and I agree...full time employment for me will be avoided at all costs. And by costs I mean I'd rather give up cable TV then work for you.

5. Don't take it personally, I just wasn't getting the "Wow, I really want to work here" vibe. Not from the office, the job description or you guys. And maybe I shouldn't be so picky but...I am that picky. And now I know how much I really LOVE where I'm working now. As in lu-uuuuve.

Am anxiously awaiting your 'Sorry, but we've found a more qualified candidate' letter.

Yours truly, or not,



Amy said...

that's a great position to be in, where you know it's not a right fit for you and you don't NEED to take it anyway! I'm glad you found some humor in the interview, at least. Here's to rejection!! (I call them my "You Suck" letters!)

catsteevens said...

Agreed with amy. Good for you to be able to be in that position. Look 'em in the eye, shake their hand, and just say 'thanks, but no thanks!'

SneakyPeek said...

AWESOME LETTER!!!! And a great insight as to how difficult the interview must of been.

Gee I hope they do call, so at least you can enjoy telling them no.

cady said...

hehe...i love your letter...i'm with sp...i hope they call too just so you can turn them down. :)

Jennifer said...

I dunno... live without cable? Hmmmm

Peter N said...

If the "inner" love for this job isn't there, you have to go with that. Good luck with everything...and let us know with your great writing. P

Rashenbo said...

Hehehehe, as an HR person I found this letter pretty humorous! :D