Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Last Saturday

not this past Saturday...but a week and a half ago...we were the recipients (or rather, the boy's league was) of some free Bruins tickets. Generally these are upper balcony, obstructed view type of tickets but this time, because it was still pre-season, they so weren't. Some of us got luxury box tickets and some of us got seats right in front of the boxes. We opted to sit with friends in front of the boxes because this is how my nine year old watches the game:
And he doesn't think you'd get a good enough view from inside the room. He's probably right.


Jennifer said...

Wow he's grown up so much! He's so serious looking :) Taking notes I'm sure ;)

momslo said...

and he's so such a handsome young man too..

Okay, this new look is all clean and wicked professional looking but-WHERE'S MY REAL JENNY? I KNOW YOU HAVE HER BETA AND YOU BETTER GIVE HER BACK!!!

My thoughts are with your cous!

Peter N said...

Nice new look to your blog...and what a great lookin' son..takes after his Mom, I bet! Take care.

Peter N said...

Your links are that because bogger, which was out, then slow, and now back, was erratic? I see you changed to the new blogger thing. It won't let me do it, yet. Maybe because I'm using an Apple?? Do not know.

jenny said...

jen - he totally does take notes...mental ones and then he breaks them down inch by inch for me on the ride home. I can't keep up.

slomom - he is a cutie, isn't he? i am a LITTLE biased tho.

peter - i'm actually getting used to the new look here, for awhile anyway...i use firefox and everything looks spot-on over schmapple. ;)

Peter N said...

I thoougt you linked me...but that's OK.