Thursday, October 12, 2006

Okay, I'm not what you would call organized. I don't wear a watch. My calendar starts off promisingly in January and then I forget about it until hockey starts again in get the idea.

But I just made an AGENDA for tonight's daisy girl scout meeting.

Go aheah...put the L on your forehead...I know it already...Looosaaaah.

Mostly because I'm scared of looking like an bumbling idiot in front of the other moms and the other leader mom was all..."I don't know, um, we should be fine, I'll bring some construction paper." That type of thing throws me headfirst into panic mode.

I volunteered to help with the troop and when I met the other volunteer mom...I didn't really like her. She was okay, I guess, but there was no good vibe feeling. Which kind of stinks. Plus her emails are ALWAYS in different style fonts and colors and sizes. And yes - This is an issue. Green italics garamond, blue bold size 24 jester, teeny purple times new roman. Oy. She's pleasant enough and all, just was hoping we'd click a little better since she plans on holding meetings until June.

Well, I'm off to cook dinner, make copies, get the snack together, wrap some books, go to the post office, meet the son at the bus stop, take a shower, watch last week's Survivor, set up the VCR to tape tonight's Survivor, head to Daisy's and then to work. Chow.


Jennifer said...

You're not a loser!

Um.. you are busy though!!

Twist of Kate said...

Sheesh, I thought I had a lot to do. The Girl Scout thing is fun though. I mean I'm an actual LEADER not even a volunteer so how big is the L gonna be on my forehead??? I like all the mom's and they are all helpful so that is a big plus. Aw, a Daisy troop, how cute is that. All of our girls just became juniors this year...we have to do WAY more stuff to earn patches. But it's fun stuff. Ok, my L is getting bigger, I'll let you go do all that stuff!

Angie said...

I like plain black and white email. Big change over here for a minute I thought I was in the wrong place.

jenny said...

jen - it's afternoons like this that make me love lazy fridays.

kate - no,no,no. you're not a loser for being a leader. unless you type out an agenda. and then you can join me on my podium :)

angie - me too, with the email. I'm all about the legible. and welcome to blogger beta.

Lisa said...

Mine is a Brownie this year, and loves it. Good luck with the leadership thing, not that you'll need it. I prefer to be a casual bystander this year. :)

I like the new design!