Monday, October 20, 2008

That game last night? I won't dwell but that Garza guy certainly can pitch. The Sox had their chances and didn't or, actually, couldn't capitalize so home they go.

At least now I can go to bed before one a.m. this week.

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We are dogsitting and apparently I have short term memory loss. On Saturday night we were watching the game with some friends and our charge comes wandering in the room. I was totally thrown for a curve and actually said "Ah, there's a dog!" before I remembered that she was supposed to be there.

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There was an ammunition related lockdown at the local high school this week and our book club just read Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult. Timely subject and I'm sure the whole incident was discussed but I wouldn't know because I ditched book club with another girl to go out to dinner and browse/shop.

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In a related story, I now have all the party favors/junk needed for my daughter's birthday/halloween party. And considering that I don't have to make a trip out to the store to get all of this stuff and can instead go to soccer/hockey/drama/work without stressing about when and how I'm going to get to a store before Friday? Ditching was definitely the Idea of the Month.

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My son needed a huge favor from me for school today. Well, huge in his eyes. Last night at nine p.m. he came downstairs and told me that his math quiz? The one where she checks your notebooks and your grade is based on how many papers you've kept? ed. note: STUPID.

The one that the entire class is totally unprepared for? Is Monday and he's only missing three sheets which can be printed from the textbook website. ed. note: because his mother checked the Math Class Policy Sheet and seeing nothing about keeping homework assignments threw, like four hundred sheets away since school has started and he has no idea how lucky he is that he only needs three math sheets at this point. Oh, and the teacher CANNOT BELIEVE that no one is prepared for this as she has told the kids twice that the information in on that damned policy sheet. Math teacher lady - you are WRONG.

Okay. But now it's nine p.m. and our main computer is dead and our laptop is outdated and has zero printer software installed. So, seeing as he's holding a straight A+ average at this point (braggy, brag, brag)and is stressed out because this could bring the whole thing crashing down around him I had a brief conversation with him about using his agenda book to jot notes down about things like this (not just copy homework assignments) and then told him I'd take him to my office before school and we'd print out the sheets for his binder. Ed. note: Also he's been promised his own full rack of ribs for dinner if he continues with the good great grades and he was probably more freaked out about losing the chance to cover his hands and face with barbeque sauce than anything.

But. He has to do one favor for me in return. One favor of my choosing. Hmmmm.......


Amy said...

I think you're commenting on my blog right at the same moment I'm commenting on yours. LOL

I heard you had a great time Friday night. Nice laugh with the black roses!!!!

I'm bummed about the Sox but it makes it easier to bear not having cable now.

And the keeping work and creating a portfolio thing? I can totally relate. I just wonder, since we have kids mostly on top of things and getting good grades how miserable this must be for those that totally aren't. Cause I"d really want a portfolio of papers that say I suck.

Anonymous said...

So what favor will you ask of the boy?

Mig said...

Make him wash his SISTERS dirty socks.


~**Dawn**~ said...

Matt Garza is a punk. I hope he slips in a puddle of his own spittle. =P But yeah, he pitched a heck of a game.

I (no kidding!) just laughed at "Ah there's a dog!" I couldn't help it!

anitadoberman said...

One favor, laundry folding? speed cleaning home (I tell my girls they'll get 50c if they speed clean)