Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm totally contemplating a new blog address. I've hated this one since I typed it in to blogger over four years ago and soon found out I was stuck with it. I'll stick with Blogger, lord knows if I had to type in wordpress or typepad after my name I may never come back.

So....new blog name....hmmmm.

I'm done with the voting. I went before nine a.m. and the small town thing works just fine for me...I know the ladies checking my address, no one uses photo ID and seeing myself as the 296th person in my precinct to vote? For a town the size of mine? Already a heck of a turnout.

The best thing about tomorrow? No more goddamned "I'm John McCain/Barack Obama/whoever and I approved this message".

Second best thing about tomorrow? Hopefully living in income tax free Massachusetts while I smoke a joint at the dog track.

I kid.

They'll never get rid of the income tax.

I have no great words of wisdom about the election. I am so NOT inspired by Obama, I find him lackluster, inexperienced and Democrats by nature are a little too spendy but I'm even more frightened of what might happen if more conservative supreme court justices are sworn in or if Sarah Palin would have to make even one, small policy decision. And more tax breaks for big corporations? It just doesn't make sense.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah.

Maybe Mig's son will run in a few years.


Mig said...

He certainly is well spoken!

And AMEN to no longer having to here "sponsored" messages. Enough already.

blackbird said...

Get a new blog address if you like...in the meantime, I'd appreciate it if you could ditch the raccoon.

~**Dawn**~ said...

I second your cheer for NO MORE POLITICAL ADS!! Woohoo!!

As for changing your blog address, I don't think you're *stuck* with it. You don't even have to start a fresh blog. Not sure if you know this already but if you go to the blog settings from your Dashboard & then go to the Publishing tab, you can change your blog address there. Just make sure you warn us first huh? I visit your blog via Google Reader & it will just stop updating on me... and it will take me weeks to catch on that you changed addresses & I need to update my feed. =P

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Hey, you will still be able to smoke a joint at the empty dog track! LOL, move over, I'll join you.

Your blog name needs "loonie" in it. But, please, oh please, no "Hockey Mom" references ok. I'm so happy that those may fade away a bit now that the election is over.

My husband came up with my blog name. For a beer, he can probably brainstorm on yours! ; )