Thursday, November 20, 2008

So, my new computer is all built and is on it's way home to me.

Is it sad that I'm hoping it gets here prior to Thanksgiving so I have four days to load and play the Sims? And that I'm already thinking of how I can skip my housewiferly duties to get in more time to blog/upload pictures/play?

Merry Christmas to me.

In other news, report cards came out last week. My son, as I sort of knew would happen, made High Honors. My girl, had perfectly fine grades too. In all honesty, they weren't GREAT grades but they were good and her effort is top notch as is her attitude.

I'm thanking god I don't pay out for grades as my boy would be getting a huge payday these days. My thing is, how not to make my girl feel like she's being punished for getting less than a top notch report card if she just doesn't GET something that's being taught but she's trying? It seems like a can of worms. Plus she's at the age where she's not getting letter grades like A or B but rather 'at grade level standards' or 'approaching grade level standards' - things like that. Ugh.

So instead we go out to dinner, this term the boy chose the restaurant and next term the girlie will choose. My son got to order his choice off the menu (which, generally, we don't do because he's eleven and 70 pounds and there's not a lot of room for restaurant sized grown up portions on a frame that size) and my daughter got to pick an appetizer and all was right in the world.

A prime example of how my daughter attempts to answer a reading comprehension question -

The story is about a talking wolf and it takes place at noon.

One of the questions asks if the wolf was hungry. Which, naturally, she answered yes to even though there was no talk of food in the story.


Here's what she told me: Noontime is LUNCHTIME. Plus he's a wolf and they're always hungry.

How do I argue with that?


Anonymous said...

We don't pay for grades either. In fact, report cards aren't a big deal around here. We look at them, we discuss them, if necessary. We high-five. And then we're done.

~**Dawn**~ said...

Yay for new computers! More blogging, huh? Should we hold you to that? ;-)

Mig said...

Seems reasonable to me, you know, that the wolf would be hungry at lunchtime.


blackbird said...

I think she's brilliant.
Of course, that may be because I knew the wolf was hungry too.

Those "meeting expectations" report cards? HORRIBLE. I used to have a whole schtick about them: Well, he's sort of reading at grade level on Tuesdays, if it isn't raining, when there's a full moon.

SoFla Cat said...

Where'd ya get such a smart kid?! You must be so proud :)

Mig said...

Ok so ... if you don't put up a new post, I am going to come over there and personally BEAT you with your new computer.

Just sayin' ....