Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things I am enjoying that I can't show you photos of because I don't have a card reader on my antique laptop:

I just found a brand new Nok Hockey game at a local consignment shop for less than half the regular price. Score! Merry Christmas son.

Embroidery hoops that look like frames. I found these at a yard sale last year and I've been holding on to them thinking I'd come up with a use for them sooner or later. I'm working on a few things for my daughter's room and these are perfect.

Wall decals from the dollar store. They just peel off and they're flowery and adorable and perfect for a little section of wall in my girl's room.

Four cords of split, seasoned firewood. We've yet to use a drop of heating oil this year and I'm hoping it'll be December before we turn the furnace on. Granted, some mornings there's a bit of a chill in here but we don't have much time to lounge around and if we do? Fleece blankets for everyone. Snuggly.

This fall I've come down with a sick addiction to The Hills. Lauren, Audrina (steer clear of Justin!), Whitney, Brody....love them all. Except Spencer. Dear god, could anyone be more of an asshole?

I just watched the movie Hard Candy last night and when I saw the little FearNet logo in the bottom of the screen I got worried because I don't usually enjoy scary movies or anything that keeps you 'on the edge of your seat'. But I like Ellen Page (from Juno) and I figured I could just shut it off if I got all stressed out. Well, I have to say...definitely not for the squeamish but I totally liked it.

Two and a half weeks until we get our Christmas tree!


Mig said...

YAY! Christmas TREE!!

Nichole M said...

I can't *wait* for our Christmas tree this year. I'm pretty much in the Christmas spirit already after a very ugly election season. Time for some good cheer!!!!

blackbird said...

If you mention Christmas again I might have to come over there and smack you.

Jennifer said...

LMAO at Blackbird