Tuesday, October 14, 2008

And look at me, with the posting.

I know no one wants to hear about the reasons for the absolute lack of posting but too bad. I'm kidding, there's little more to it then the fact that in my list of priorities for the past few weeks posting here falls way short. WAY short. I've still been reading y'all though.

And I use the y'all lightly as I'm sure visitors here are few and far between by now.

Plus my real computer, the one that wasn't built in the early nineties? It died. Basically it was all "Blue Screen? Fuck the blue screen. You've seen the blue screen about forty times this year and did NOTHING so from now on I'm all black screen and how 'bout I throw in this Primary Hard Drive Failure message for your reading pleasure?"

So there's that.

I was in the market for a new computer anyway but I was hoping to hold off until Christmas. Which, I still will but now I have to listen to my son's daily whine about the lack of Runescapability on the forty pound, seven minute battery life laptop. Such is life, my boy.

I spent the weekend painting my daughter's room. A word of advice...

If you head to Lowe's to buy paint, pull up short and get thee to a Benjamin Moore dealer. Or even Home Depot. The Lowe's paint? It sucks.

It sets up too fast, covers like shit and drips like crazy. I thought it was my lack of painting expertise causing the whole paint suckiness. I tend to be a little hyper-critical of my skills (skillz?) and I was painting kind of late at night due to some last minute wall patching by my husband (before he took the kids to Maine for the weekend he patched a few holes and ran out the door mumbling to me about closet door removal, sanding and priming) and a few late starting Sox games.

Long story short, husband comes home - notes the flaws, naturally, and proceeds to 'show me how it's done'. Which, he wields a paint brush with far more confidence than I do and he really does nice work, thinks tape is for wimps and works much faster than I ever could. And what does he say halfway through the second coat on his two walls? "This paint sucks."

And that finishes up our expert review on Valspar paint.

And truly, my husband isn't really all that critcal of my work - he knows better as he'd rather have me paint than have me watch him paint. I'm a backseat painter.


~**Dawn**~ said...

I still read! I still read!

Hmmm... painting? I've never had to paint anything. You're kind of making me glad that I can't.

Anonymous said...

I used Valspar for a project last week. Never again.

blackbird said...

I could have told you this.
And if you think BMoore is good you should stay away from Schreuder...it IS like painting with melted butter and very expensive.

Jennifer said...

Well I'm very glad to hear that you are alright, and now I wonder if this post was just a save from me calling you on the phone haha.

Sorry about your puter. though that really does suck.

And ooooohhhh how I LOVE to paint. I've been itching to redo the livingroom and kitchen. Which would be perfect timing since the hubby's out of work and all, and will have lots of free time inbetween looking for work, but yeah... paint isn't cheap. UGH.

what colour is the girlies room now?

Nichole M said...

Hello and welcome back!!! :-D

John Clark said...

Hello!!! To boot, most Home depots will let you RETURN your paint if you don't like the color on the wall. Yep. Cool, huh? I bought my paint at one HD and kept returning it at another until I got just the right shade of green. What?! Green's hard!!

Anonymous said...

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