Friday, October 17, 2008

And they live to see another day

Well, THAT was some kinda Red Sox game, that's for sure. Y'know it's so easy to lose faith in a team that's down by seven runs - I mean really, we had switched the channel for about forty minutes and I made a stab at guessing the score:

7-2 is what I said. Nope, it was 7-0. We laughed and agreed I gave the Sox far too much credit. My husband, bone tired, said three more outs and he was going to bed. Then he calls Pedroia's base hit and Papi's homerun before they were even at bat. All of a sudden - it's a game again. Papelbon looked spot on for the top of the eighth and then my husband calls JD Drew's homer. Blah, blah, blah - more hits, some thanks going out to BJ Upton and the Sox are heading back to Tampa.

The thing about being a Red Sox fan? You can tell yourself it's over, attempt to take a flying leap from the bandwagon, even, to save yourself the mental anguish of watching them get shut out at home. But really, they're down by seven and the minute Lowrie hits the ball you believe that they're coming back to win. In fact, you never really doubted that they were only fooling yourself - or trying to.

For those of you that could care less about the Red Sox:

Um, I got nothin'.


Anonymous said...

I stopped watching in the 5th for exactly the reason you said. I was watching their faces and I just didn't want to see it through to the end. I didn't want to watch them drag themselves back into the clubhouse with hung heads. It was too much to bear. I felt sad for them. Not that I didn't believe they "could". I guess I just didn't believe they "would". My mistake. It would have been awesome to see.


cady said...

i was dozing in bed but heard chip caray yelling, the sox are heading back to tampa. joe woke me up to tell me what happened. you know the rays are thinking back to last year's playoffs now...

John Clark said...

I had taken my Nyquil and was falling asleep at the computer (no TV here) and finally said enough and went to bed in the 6th inning. I'm so glad they pulled it out!! I was nearly screaming in my classroom this morning when I read the headlines!

Now, on to Tampa to finalize things... You ARE doing laundry, aren't you?

P.S. Have fun tonight! Wish I were there!! Give Mig a hug from me, will ya?