Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Aw, guys are awesome. One post and I feel like all "welcome back!".

The girlie's room? Is Pixie Dust Pink and Hobnail Green. Entirely too frou-frou for my taste but she'd had my choice of color on her walls for eight years now and it was time for an upgrade.

And speaking of eight years, my baby is eight years old - as of yesterday. We made our annual pilgrimage to Build a Bear or as my son called it Engineer an Elephant, because that's what she came home with. A big elephant named Marilee dressed in a pink sweatsuit.

She had her choice of dinner and because I am never going to win Parent of the Year - she had an ice cream sandwich instead of cake (for shame! In my defense, I worked all day and had to be back out of the house for a meeting at 5:45 p.m.) and best of all? No birthday candles. I put a tea light (cinnamon scented, even) on top of the ice cream sandwich.

There weren't any photos so I'm hoping I can hypnotize her later into THINKING she had a cake with honest-to-god candles. This will be a birthday that haunts me at Sunday family dinners in the future when my kids come to visit me.

I plan on having our families over for the usual cake and ice cream celebration in a few days so she won't be permanently traumatized. Or she will be but it will be for entirely different reasons.

Like those earrings I got her. I broke my personal 'must be 13' rule and got her ears pierced. Six long weeks she waited. She cleaned them, turned them and counted the days until her birthday when I told her she could take them out and put in a new pair. Which we did without a problem on Monday. She wore new earrings all day and took them out at bedtime.

And that brings us to Tuesday and a whole 'nother story. Her other birthday present? Getting her earrings poked back through half healed earring holes. I mean, it was one freaking night. How could they have almost closed up? And then, after school? We went to check on the earrings she wore and they were kind of, like, stuck in there. The holes had tried to close up with her earrings in. Yeouch.

So my poor babe, all excited for some new sparkly goods, is now half freaked out because we didn't know what to do...put earrings in to try to keep the holes open or leave them out so she's not wearing permanent earrings for the next thirty years. Verdict? They're in.

I hope she likes little flower earrings when she's closing in on forty.


jenontheedge said...

Pink and green -- that's what my eight year old chose for her new bedroom too.

As for the earrings, Neosporine is your friend. Dip her earrings in the Neo and then slide them painlessly into her ears. This will also help with the healing process. YES, earring holes will close up overnight, even after a couple of years, so don't let her go without them for a long time. Let's just say we have some experience with this sort of thing.

Sarah said...

Someday, the ice cream sandwich with tea candle cake will make quite a story. I still tell the one about the night my mom gave me a fig newton with a dinner table candle stuck in it. Not so fun at the time, but hilarious now! Happy Birthday to your girl!

blackbird said...

Happy day to her!

(Aren't you supposed to rub alcohol on the earrings, and ears and turn them each night?)

Nichole M said...

Aw... poor thing! I hope she had a good birthday anyway. Tell her the continuing celebrations are part of her birthday "season"!

Jennifer said...

Crazy that she's 8 already. I still have until May to get an eight year old :)

Don't worry too much about the trauma of the scented tea light on the ice cream cake thing. I'm sure she won't hold it against you. And even thought it was sorta fun. If not ah well it'll pass.

Yes earrings can be a hug pain. But stick it out and you'll be fine. If you ever want any tips in that area just let me know. I have many many many years experience with that.

~**Dawn**~ said...

It took a long time for my ears to heal when I had them pierced. I was still putting alcohol on them after 2 months, mostly because it would clean away any of my ears attempts at healing the holes shut around my earrings. Also? I turned them every day, multiple times, for a long long time. =/