Saturday, September 13, 2008

We thought we had escaped.

Little League.

First there's t-ball, then minor league and then majors. At age 12 it's your last year in majors, you automatically make a team, whether you've played before or not. Some of the kids are pitching sixty miles an hour at this point...which is frightening to a seventy pound boy up to bat for the first time.

My son has never wanted any part of baseball. Sure, he'll play catch in the yard and he loves a good whiffle ball game. But an honest to god baseball game? He's never even been interested.

And for that we've been thankful - by the time hockey season ends were all sportsed out.

But this year?

Two Words.

Fall Ball.

A month or so ago two of his friends start waxing poetic about this league they're in and convince him he HAS to play. I've sort of knocked baseball before to him but if the kid wants to try it...he's trying it.

He scrimmaged another team from town last night and had to stop and laugh on his way to the plate because his entire team and half of the other team was standing at the dugout fence chanting his name. I give him a lot of credit - most of his team is on the all-stars or has played in the majors for a few years and all of them have at least played a few seasons of ball. It can't be easy to go out and learn to play a game these kids have been playing for years. He's not one to put himself out there too easily so I have to say, I'm a little impressed...

And so, for the next five Saturdays I'll be spending five or so hours at the ballfield. And one hour at the soccer field and some weeks there'll be another two hours at the rink.

Which, now that I've just typed that out I'm mourning the loss of half my weekend. Like walkin' in the rain and the snow when there's no place to go...the things we do for love.


blackbird said...

Oh dear.
He DOES look cute in the hat.

Anonymous said...

But he's so stinkin' cute in his uniform!

I understand. Today is the first soccer game of the season, which means that we have nine straight Saturday afternoons of games.

Luckily, at this point, we only have one child playing a sport. I don't know how you juggle so much. Do you at least treat yourself with a trip to Starbucks on Saturdays?

Jennifer said...

WOW! Just wow.. that's a whole lotta busy. But yeah.. Just LOOK at him out there.

catsteevens said...

Like walkin' in the rain and the snow when there's no place to go...the things we do for love.

I love that song. La la la la la la, lalalala....

Jennifer said...

So I understand your busy and all.. but just wanted to let you know you've been missed.