Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So, if I were any kind of blogger I'd be posting about my son's injury (healing well, minor swelling, stitches out next monday)

or the impending hockey playoff season that has my husband making a promise that makes me cringe (if they win it all - he shaves his head. Or rather, my boy does it for him)

or the fact that his team finished in first place (first year coaching, very happy man, big BIG trophies for the kids).

Or maybe I'd post some pictures.

The newly constructed entertainment center. Note that I didn't say FINISHED entertainment center. *sigh*


My girlie's new toothless mouth. That has her looking more like a jucket than anything.

Or maybe I could do a meme.

Like the movie one I have in drafts

or the

4 x 4 meme that I've been seeing in a few places.

But sadly, I've been the worst kind of blogger. Lurking, barely commenting and never posting. There's been a lot of working seeing as I'm flying solo in my office now and a lot of sleeping (think 8:30ish p.m.). Lame excuses, I know. I KNOW.

But I am making progress, I mean, look at this lame post :)

Plus I uploaded a bunch of pictures maybe, just maybe I'll have something new here tomorrow.

But don't hold your breath.


blackbird said...


catsteevens said...

holding breath.......turning blue


Mig said...

You can do it!
YES you can!

Jennifer said...

Oh dear.. you're starting to sound like our long lost friend Kate with the " look at the progress with this lame post"

Stop it!

We like to wait for posts, cause you know what! pictures, crazy husbands, Girlies without teeth! It's totally worth the wait!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Woman, wake up!! It is baseball season and the games require you be awake past 8:30!!