Friday, April 18, 2008

April vacation is breathing down my neck and things being what they are...

My girl is home sick with a fever, sore throat and mildly stuffy nose. Which, hopefully it will go away all on its own but, again, with things being what they are - it will morph into strep throat, but not until Saturday night after the doctor's office has closed for the weekend.

Plus, because I swore I'd never have another birthday party for my son after last year's lord of the flies behavior... he invited his three good friends from school to sleep over that night.
But, because my husband has a soft spot for my boy and his hockey friends there was a dilemma....because I? Wasn't having an eight boy sleep over.

So, in a stroke of extreme stupidity coupled with spinelessness genius we suggested two separate for school buddies, one for hockey. Because the two? Do not mix well in groups. They take sides, they argue, they are passively agressively possessive of my boy, each trying to prove that THEY are the best friends the boy could have.

Two weekends in a row with sleepovers. Have I mentioned how much I hate sleepovers? Well, I totally do. Our house is small and there is just nowhere to go to escape. I rented some war games for the Wii and we're having pizza and....that's it so far. No other plans have been made, no party favors (save some gum) have been purchased. I need to do something about cake/ice cream/dessert.

In other news I went up the stairs two nights son had some horrific music blaring in his room and I figured I'd find him drawing or daydreaming. Instead he was totally engrossed....he was reading his social studies book about the Revolutionary War and the Jamestown settlement.

For this boy I would suffer any amount of sleepovers.


~**Dawn**~ said...

That's a good kid you have there. =)

blackbird said...

You are a saint.

catsteevens said...

I love reading about your boy growing up. Gives me hope :)

Mig said...

You can hide out here, anytime.


Jennifer said...

I use to study with my music blaring too. I think it was Metallica way back then. lol drove my mom insane!

You've got a great boy.

Jennifer said...

I hope the Girlie gets better soon.

Greg said...

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