Tuesday, May 01, 2007

The Month in Review. In Pictures. In no particular order.

The boy, celebrating his birthday...again. This time at the hockey cookout. Not the greatest of pictures but his hair looks okay in this one - and believe me - that's no small feat.
Lay cross. He runs, he passes, he catches. We watch. Osprey nest we saw the other day while driving to a friend's house. The nest had basically doubled in size when we saw it the next week. And the lady osprey was sitting in there keeping the babes warm. Well, babes to be. Or as we like to call them....omlettes.
The scavenger hunt list from the boy's party. This should've been more fun than it was.

One of the boy's friends is, um, a major pain in the ass. He has friends instead of parents and christ almighty it shows. He turned it into this super competitive race and proceeded to call the other team stupid and gay and what have you. He's the king of inappropriate and loves to see just how far he can push some one.

That some one being me on the day of the party.

The husband was working and this boy is the type of kid that gets all the other boys riled up and acting, not totally out of control, but not how they normally would. And there were a few who run a close second to him in terms of how obnoxious they can be. Good kids gone bad. Well, the last straw was when he and another boy who, quite frankly is a complete angel any other time, peed on the tree where they hid the capture the flag flag.

So that if the other team found the flag he would be able to say "HA HA We peed on that tree." Thereby wrecking the other team's moment of glory.

Which is exactly what happened except it backfired because the girlie was on the team that found the flag (it was the tree that got peed on - the flag was fine). She cried and cried and tattled right in front of everyone.

Well, N starts trying to laugh it off and even my husband (who had just gotten in from work) only said something about that being kind of gross. I lit into the group of them, ripped them a new one, as the saying goes. Not exactly how I planned on ending the party.

End result of a big wind storm that blew through. We didn't lose any major trees but I got out of bed during the height of the storm and watched the trees swaying (and heard them cracking - always fun) in the sixty mile an hour winds.
These are the average size pine trees that surround our home. Wind storms aren't as fun as they used to be. I actually got the boy out of his bed and snuggled him into ours (his bed is tucked into the dormer and another time a tree fell and missed another dormer by inches - wasn't taking a chance) for the duration. The trees are like, sixty to eighty feet tall and we've already taken some of them down but it may be time to reevaluate.
Some deer in a field. In the rain.
Easter. Yawn.

Wacky girlie shot. Because I like it.

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Amy said...

I love the wacky girlie shot the best. Cause it's crazy fun!!

Oh, and I have an upcoming birthday party, but only two boys, one who is an angel but for a sleep over. Hopefully no pee'ing on trees will occur. Should it, however, I.will.not.be.so.nice.