Thursday, May 03, 2007

Sorry if I horrified you all with the Lord of the Flies birthday recap. Granted there was no roasting each other over a spit and chowing down - but believe me, it was only a matter of time.

I just finished reading The Double Bind for my book group and I can't wait to thank the hostess for totally wasting my time. Not that I would do that but I can be counted on for at least a bit of good natured ribbing.

If you plan on reading this book you should skip the next paragraph. Or you could read on and save yourself the trouble.

Ugh, ugh and ugh. I've not had bad luck with Chris Bohjalian (Midwives and Before You Know Kindness) and this one started out with some promise but BUT less than halfway through it got mind numbingly dull (we getcha main character girl - must. develop. pictures.) and then the surprise wasn't that she was going crazy (duh) but that the parts of the novel that I thought were real (like the boyfriend's kids) totally weren't and there was nothing to be gained by that entire vein of story line. Or maybe there was and I was so ready for the story to get a move on that I missed what the point was. I am counting on the book club gals to enlighten me. And by enlighten I don't mean 'she was having a psychotic breakdown because of a horrific incident and see how fast one's life can change and you too could be homeless or beyond help too' . Because I get that. It was just that the "HERE IS THE POINT I WANTED TO GET ACROSS" plot line pretty much ruined it.

The Gatsby tie in was good but because both books were fiction I was assuming that he was using the characters from Gatsby (or descendants of) as characters in this book. But he wasn't and the story was just like Dallas and Newhart - not a dream but just a figment of her imagination. Charming.

My nephew's first birthday party is this Sunday. I'm thinking the party is a little, um, ambitious. The mom was going to have party favors made up for everyone. Goodie bags for the kids, something or other for the grown up ladies and for the men? Keychains with her son's picture on them. Um, hell low? Was it wrong to laugh out loud when my mother in law told me? My MIL talked her down off the ledge - the key chains are a no-go. Did I mention that there were over sixty guests invited? And that they live with my in-laws who now, by default, are hosting a rather large party? And that their backyard is still not at all finished from the septic installation this past fall? Just so you know I am right now shaking my head in wonder.

Must go play Paper Mario before the boy gets home and I have to beat him at H.O.R.S.E. Again.


SneakyPeek said...

I'm confused about the book, I must not be at the Great Gadsby reference yet. Granted I'm only just through the second chapter.

Stinks about the birthday party but I just know you'll get through it with a smile, you are so good like that.

Can't wait for tomorrow. ~ wink wink~

Amy said...

We have a birthday party this weekend, too. Let's see, it'll be me, LM and his two best buds. Bowling, pizza, movies and sleep-over. Ice cream cake somewhere in there. That's it. I realized the other day I didn't do "goodie bags" but then realized these boys are now 11, I think goodie bags are past their point now. At least I hope so.

At least you can sit back and laugh at the party knowing it's not YOU.