Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I did the purse thing awhile back. The bag has changed but the lack of organization remains. It's how I roll.

This weekend was a wee bit AWESOME. There was some Entourage, Rome and Quinceanera watching, some Nevada Barr and E. Annie Proulx reading, some pond raking (nobody likes a leafy bottom), a bit of blog reading and chinese food consumption (much cheaper when you're buying for one).

And then they returned.

The boy had an absolute meltdown. He missed me terribly, he hated me immensely. Such is life. It was all brought on by an onset of 'hey, my friend might invite me over so now going to the Paw Sox with the family is a HORRIBLE idea.' It quickly spiraled downward but there was more weighing on his mind and after a bit of crafty deducement I figured it was the stress of the impending field trip. The impending Four Day field trip. None of his friends were going, he had just been away for two days (and according to my husband, he was saying how much he missed me before they were even north of Boston), his teeth are now needing the root canals...they are starting to hurt, a three hour bus ride - it was all too much.

So to the Paw Sox we went. We left too late, the seats were general admission and were horrible and practically non-existent. We hung at the right field wall ducking foul balls. Can I just say that if, as an adult, you want to hang at the wall - don't knock over kids to get the fouls. Don't. Just duck. Or go somewhere else. There are alot, not ALOT of jerks out there. I'm just sayin'.

And there were fireworks, so that was a bonus.

The turtles are gone, released back into the wild. Still not sure what kind they were...the second one the boy found was even smaller than the first and he wasn't so nice. Kept trying to bite.
Here's the first, larger and nicer, turtle. Not sure why anyone would really like a turtle for a pet...yawn, yawn, yawn. Plus I don't really 'get' animals that could give two shits about their owners. I lump cats in with this classification. Quite possibly the guinea pig too, but at least he doesn't scratch and hiss and he wouldn't pee all over the bed because he was pissed about the color of the sky or some such nonsense.

The boy did NOT leave for the field trip this morning, we called the whole thing off. We kissed the fee goodbye but we were left with a much happier son. A fair trade.


blackbird said...

four day field trips are NEVER good.

SneakyPeek said...

Well I'm glad there was a resolution to the whole four day field trip anyway.

Is he a teenager yet? Because he sure is acting like one ...


Amy said...

sometimes it is so hard to be a boy of his age, isn't it? I'm glad you reached a compromise and that all is well again.

Maine. Sweet Maine. Which we may not even get to this summer. We shall see.

~**Dawn**~ said...

hey! is that Timlin in your photo??