Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A week?!?! It's been a week since I've posted? Oops. The computer just isn't seeing the use it's used to...the weather's too nice, there are books to be read and Sox to be watched.

Mother's Day has come and gone, the husband's birthday too. For mother's day I got to help spread three yards of mulch and watch my boy start the lawn mower and empty the clippings bag - all by himself. Big steps. Of course, he was mowing the neighbor's yard where he gets paid for mowing, as opposed to this yard where he does it because it needs doing.

I also had Lucky Charms and an english muffin for dinner. It's good to be me. Truth be told, I was hanging out with a different neighbor and we were catching the last glimpses of sunlight through the trees and watching her husband build a stone wall. Didn't feel like cooking.

We spent the other half of the weekend, not as a juvenile labor camp - but here and there

doing a bit of this. I've never been to that part of Massachusetts - Ipswich and such. Most of it was beautiful. Until we got to Salem - witch trial, Nathanial Hawthorne - Salem. Not so nice and much too MUCH. A very touristy area surrounded by tenement housing. Hurrah. I'm sure there are some worthwhile stops but they required a search for parking and too high admission fees. Not our type of thing.

I've got the cookout itch happening. Wanting to invite people over, hang around outside with cold drinks and snack foods. I'm needing a blender.... this one or maybe this one, if you're inclined to purchase me a birthday gift. Super Saver Shipping is fine, my birthday's Monday but a day or two late won't hurt my feelings.

And now, just about 30 seconds ago...

The bad part about sitting next to the fire chief's office, aside from the sniveling deputy chief? When they get an emergency call to your daughter's school (she's not there yet, she goes half days) and they race out of here, sirens blaring. Hoping everyone is okay.


SneakyPeek said...

YAY!!! Beautiful pictures!

I'm waiting for that cookout invite, I can make Taco Salad.

Amy said...

First of all, welcome back! I missed you!!

Secondly, what a fantastic picture of your kids. Hang that on the wall. Savor it for all time. I absolutely LOVE it!!

Third, I'm on my way north for a cookout. I'll even bring you a blender.

Fourth, an upcoming birthday, huh? YIPPEE!!

(I can't believe the game got rained out last night, just when I might get to watch it on ESPN. Double header today does me No.Good.Whatsoever. RudeNESS.)

catsteevens said...

I guess you must hear it a lot, but those are two of the most adorable children ever!

Oooo, a cook out! Sounds like fun, wish I was there, enjoy.

Jennifer said...

The weather is beautiful here too. Who wants to sit indoors when there is weeds that need pulling, grass that needs cutting, cars that need washing, and kids that need to run around and use up every bit of energy they have in their being, so that when bedtime finally comes they zonk right out!

What happened at the school?

Amy said...

yep, still love that pic.

I've decided...

Can I just have your kids?