Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saturday's sleepover went off without a hitch. The weather was beautiful, they boys played outside and slowly my yard began to fill up with the neighbor's girls and some random visits from other neighbors and friends.

So, nine kids and a squirt gun/water balloon fight later....

The boys came in to dry off and wait for dark (they wanted to play manhunt) but ended up watching the Bruins game and making goofy videos that only eleven year old boys find amusing. They capped off the night playing Red Steel on the Wii until the wii hours of the morning.

One boy had to leave, because of a migraine, so the other three were all hunkered down in the living room covered with pillows and blankets and trying to hunt each other down with machine guns. Apparently, two versus one isn't as much fun as even teams so after the hockey game I hear one of them say "Ask your mom if she'll play." And my son, apparently not old enough to be mortified by the thought hollers up to me and asks me to join.

I tell them just how terrible I'm going to be and that they aren't allowed to gang up on me until I figure out how to use the controllers. Which, they paired me with the kid who can play anything and he just gunned them down until I got my bearings. Gotta tell you, somewhat strange hearing one of the boys say "Dude, you just shot your mom!" and watching them high-five. Although, revenge was sweet as I sniped him down from a little bunker I found.

Sick. And totally entertaining.


catsteevens said...

Duuude! You have won as coolest Mom eh-ver ;)

Jennifer said...

LOL what Cat said :)

and WOW you should see my word verification.. lets see if I get this right. pmdydwmv okay well it looks way scarier in the slanty font they have it in.

Mig said...

Well THIS is certainly a side of you I have never seen.

Should I be concerned?

Or watch my back?

I can't decide. :-)

Amy said...

I love it!! Go MOM!! That's so cool that they will still let you play. I keep waiting for the day when I am officially 'uncool'. So far, at 12, I'm still good. Looks like you still pass the test, too!!