Friday, April 04, 2008

How entertaining!

So. Having my husband home, while it weighs heavily on my mind (read: full blown panic hits the week after April vacation), it has been kind of handy. He gets the kids on the bus, folds laundry, vacuums, cooks - basically whatever needs doing. (Okay, so I have a wife??) Pluse he's available to take the kids to appointments and friends houses - so that I don't have to miss work. So, moneywise - sucks. Convenience wise? Awesome.

And lookey. We went from this:
Not bad, basic entertainment center type of thing. I hate the curvy scalloped thing on the bottom molding piece but otherwise, it fit the room exactly where we needed it to go. But then Christmas day, the TV goes kerflooey and they just aren't making 32", 150 pound televisions anymore. For shame. (Note the glowing Wii controllers on top? Love that Wii.)

And then, some graph paper drawings and measuring tape magic later..... I got this:

Handmade, exactly to my notpickyatall design requests (yes, the depth of the dentil molding really DOES matter.) by my guy.

We were pricing custom maple trim boards and I , I mean, WE decided that it would be cheaper to just buy the router pieces and design our own. I can't picture in my head the type of cut each bit will make so I have to draw the profiles myself. And to the fella that buys the box of whatever in front of the router bits at Lowe's? I didn't copyright those pencil sketches you're seeing all over your box of whatever, so feel free to duplicate.

My husband never, ever reads this. But if he did? He'd be all fired up because he'd find major flaws in each of these photos. Flaws I didn't and don't even notice. Well, except for the bottom, tiny picture. Because those puttied up nail holes? They make him crazy. And I posted that one on purpose.


~**Dawn**~ said...

//And I posted that one on purpose.


blackbird said...

I've had my husband home for a week or so (so I'm starting to feel your pain) but I'm NOT posting pictures of the yard work he's done.

I find myself quite envious of the whole shebang. (Save for the husband home part.)

Mig said...

Those pictures do not do it justice.

People, it's beyond beautiful. Clearly they make an excellent team.

cady said...

that's awesome. you guys did a fabulous job. i love it!

Lisa said...

Pretty piece of furniture. Really! :)

Jennifer said...

OH wow!!!! JENNY!!! that is fricken awesome!!!

I LOVE IT... oh and um yeah having a "wife" is great isn't it! lol

Forget husband that is home because he has no work he could make some SERIOUS money making things like that and selling them! I'd buy one in a split second!

Amy said...

There's nothing as wonderful as homemade furniture! If I didn't have homemade things, I'd have NOTHING!!

I love it. It's gorgeous. Well done hubby!