Monday, March 24, 2008

In Stitches

The boy: Dad, can you throw the football to me and L. ?

My husband: In a little while...

The boy, grinning: Dad, it's Easter, don't you want to spend some quality time with us?

MH: Fine, but for TEN minutes only. And I'm only throwing...not playing.

TB: Awesome!

Two throws later....

Screams of pain coming from the backyard - my husband cradling my boy on the ground yelling at me to start the car and we need to go to the hospital.

Apparently, in diving for the ball my son landed on his knee square on a rock in the yard. Guys, let me tell you - I've NEVER seen a flesh wound quite like what he got. Gaping. From one side of his knee cap to the other. And so deep, it didn't even bleed.

Dudes. I saw flesh or tissue or something that SKIN is supposed to be covering.

My heart stopped for about five seconds, we covered his leg in a damp cloth and drove him right to the E.R. The boy was remarkably brave crying one minute and joking the next. He handled himself well until they started wasn't pretty but he got it done. I think I will be haunted for awhile with a memory of my son, tears streaming down his face while he hangs on to his dad...and then he turns to me, eyes wide and says "Mom, I'm just so scared" Me too, baby.

Thirteen stitches in all. A huge dose of antibiotics being pumped into him daily (hello, MERSA) and he's got strict instructions not to run, bike or skate for the next four weeks. Which, the no skating thing? He cried and he cried. I'm sure he's not done crying about it but he's coming around.

So, that was our easter.

Honestly, I would've preferred boring but I'm sure in ten years, when he's showing us his scar we'll all have our own memories of this - his father with the guilt: "It was a bad throw" Me: "I can't believe his pants didn't even rip!" The girlie: "Mom and dad totally spoiled you that week" And the boy: "Dude, I saw INSIDE my body"


Pocklock said...

After I throw up, I'm going to pray this child I'm carrying will wear a lot of pink.

Jennifer said...

Awww poor thing... No skating is like taking his entire world away! :( Hope he heals quick.

blackbird said...

I'm feeling a little lightheaded now.

Four weeks. I don't know how any of you will manage. Can he sit on the bench and watch?

~**Dawn**~ said...

Thank you for reminding me why I like to be boring. Ouch. At least there will be Sox to watch while he sits around.

Speaking of ouch. My head hurts from this stupid game. I can't think of any more words...

Mig said...


I now understand the whole "Easter, eh?"

Here's to it being a funny story to be told in the future.

catsteevens said...

Oh my gawd. I so would have fainted. You are a brave mother :)

Hope he heals well and that the four weeks go by fast!