Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thank you guys so, so much for your kind comments yesterday. I just want to spend my days on the couch with his big fuzzy head on my lap, scratching his velvet ears.

But I cannot.

And I cannot even think about it another moment because I'm liable to burst into tears.

So, then.

I signed my husband up to chaperone the gym activites at the yearly luau. The luau, that LAST year, had me crazy with the talk of dates and gifts and other nutso crap.

So, I sign my guy up thinking he'll just be watching the dodge ball game to make sure no one's pegging balls at the other kid's heads and as the guy who is most likely coaching the Middle School Hockey Team next year, we kind of agreed it would be nice for him to be known to some of the parents in town. (Our current hockey league is a mish-mosh of kids from six or seven different towns)

And then the emails start.

They need a chairman for the gym committee. Some guy steps up. Now, this guy is married to that lady. You know the one. Her name is in every school publication as having volunteered for this and that and she's also spearheading this committee and that fundraising effort and she's single handedly knitting book covers for all the curriculum books for first through third grade. Okay, that last one is a lie but she's that type - that kind of makes you gag.

Well, her husband? IS THE EXACT SAME WAY.

Oh, sure there'll be dodgeball but now there'll be volleyball too. In half of the gym. Two games.

But wait! There's more!

It's Survivor! There's going to be all these little mini challenges set up. And there's rules LOTS and LOTS of rules. About single round eliminations! And who to report the winners to! And the value of the prizes! And it's a surprise! Kids must NOT find out! And the adults ---hawaiian clothes, please! He has extras (of course he does!) to share with strangers! And come early! But don't bring your kids! It's a surprise!

Now, I realize that the vast majority of you don't know my long suffering husband. He's a good man and a great father. But. This may just push him over the edge.


Mig said...


That's all I got. But can't wait to hear the details!

Cannot WAIT.

Jennifer said...

First.. I don't know why or how I missed yesterdays post, but I won't comment on that because I just might burst into tears too.

As for the second half of this post I have to laugh. I met your husband and I can just see his face!

~**Dawn**~ said...

Have you ever watched Everybody Loves Raymond? This couple reminds of Ray's nemesis perfect neighbors whose name escapes my tired brain at the moment.

catsteevens said...

I bet your husband is the normal decent kind of REAL man.....not the other kind of THAT man :P

Fairly Odd Mother said...

I don't really know your husband but I had to laugh at the thought of him in a Hawaiian shirt. Aren't you glad you signed him up instead of you?

And, when will adults learn that kids just want to play??? Not everything needs to be organized and planned to the nth degree. Survivor? Ugh. I hope they are serving Mai Tais.