Friday, July 29, 2005

Show and Tell Friday

The front porch for Badger and Blackbird...
except that I don't have a front porch. There is some debate in this house as to which side of the house should be referred to as the front and which side is the back. But seeing as this is my website I'll give you my version...
These are the front stairs. VERY newly constructed - note the price tag still on the wood. Not for the show and tell but for the hockey cookout. For all the work that man has done around here we kept forgeting about the front stairs as we rarely use them and only see them from that side of the house. The side of the house which faces the path to the pond. This will all change shortly as these were meant to be temporary. Yesterday, I was sitting on these steps and realized that a miniature porch might be just what I need out here. The view is not spectacular, as there is someone's house directly across from mine - but it's very quiet on this side - no swingset, no driveway, no chatty when I don't feel like chatting neighbors.

This, on the other hand, my husband and most other people refer to as the front door (even though it's on the side of the house) . This is the what you'd see as you drive included. I noticed when I was downloading these that in the very top right corner my Christmas wreath is still up...we've passed the halfway point, only five months to's staying.

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