Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm sure you're all dying to know. Um, yeah right. Just laziness. Blog laziness. oooh, downloading pictures, fighting the firefox battle (STILL.), typing. All too tough for me, at least this past week.

I am in the purge phase of my house cleaning bulemia. Stuff is going out by the bagful. It feels good this whole 'throw it all away' feeling. Which is surprising because I'm cluttery by nature. I have stuff. Too much stuff. Stuff I usually keep for no good reason. My dad's dad was a packrat and it seems I have inherited the gene.

This past weekend I took the kids to Newport, Rhode Island for the kite festival. Free parking (a rareity) and NO admission cost were a bonus. We packed a cooler and a blanket, not sure what to expect. The park is located on a point in Newport and is literally steps away from the ocean which usually amounts to a near constant breeze. Why do I say usually? One guess. C'mon guys, it's me what else could it be but a complete lack of wind for an exceedingly long time. At a kite festival. Where hundreds of kites were strewn all over the ground for the better part of the day.

The wind picked up after awhile and the kites were out in full force. I have basically no pictures of this picture perfect activity because, kids, I was busy failing miserably at kite flying 101. It was hot. 85 and sunny. I didn't know we could bring our own kites so I sprang for a diamondy unicorn deal and began the hellacious TOSSTHEKITEPULLTHESTRINGRUNDAMMITRUNKEEPTHESTRINGTIGHT experience that ended almost every time in a 10 second flight and then a crash and burn. The one time I finally got the kite a good 80 feet up I hand over the string to the girlie. She's thrilled. I'm watching the kite to make sure it doesn't tangle with all of the others up there. Others I would have to sell my car to replace they are so damn fancy.

Kite I can't afford to ruin

I see the kite soaring away. Wow, I'm thinking it's going up pretty damn fast. I look down to see the spool of string bouncing along through the field with my kids chasing after it. She let it go. It crashed on a tent set up by a Kite School. Thank god it was staffed by a giant as he was the one who untangled 100 feet of string from a nearby bunch of trees for us.

Hurray for kites. And hurray for free beach balls. They played with these things until they nearly passed out from heatstroke.


Hurray for free parking (WTF??? How lucky can I be??!?!) at a little beach and free seaglass. Thank you psychos who throw your beer bottles into the ocean. I found BLUE.

I'd post a pic of the seaglass but y'know I'm feeling a bit more of the blog laziness come over me. On the other hand I'm off to put away laundry. At 11:00 pm. My husband is going to keel over and die from lack of dust in the house. How will he find the clean clothes if they are not in laundry baskets? And clean dishes are usually kept in the dishwasher, no?

Not today, my friends, not today. Next week maybe, but not today.

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