Friday, June 12, 2009


1. Sims 3. Waste of time? Quite possibly. Are there better ways to kill an hour while my husband watches Ax Men? I think not.
2. The new (to him) boat is in heavy rotation these days. This was the first time he rowed by himself to the other side of the pond. They were hunting for minnows, which they found. They also grabbed a glop of frog eggs, which turned out to be toad eggs. We now have two minnows and 35 tadpoles in our aquarium. 3. Love this gum. And no, I don't eat the wrapper.4. I was so sure that I wouldn't really like this series. A western? In space? Yes and yes. What this guy did for vampires? He does even better for space cowboy types.


Mig said...

I KNEW you'd love Firefly!

I am so sad it was for only one season.

catsteevens said...

Love #2, not too sure about #4 ;)

Jennifer said...

Adam has the Firefly set.. I've seen a few episodes here and there, and yeah not bad.

Your boy... even though he's growing up way too fast, love that he's still happy to "play in the pond"

I like Stride gum too :) It really does last a long time.