Friday, December 05, 2008

What's been going on...the photo edition - while I lay a big fat smooch on my new computer with the built in card reader

Baseball is done. Possibly forever. He enjoyed hanging at the ballfield, learning the game. But he didn't love it. He's got a few coaches willing to take him on in the spring if he changes his mind. My best memory? Seeing the third base coach give him signals in his first game. Signals that he didn't know to look for. The guy started out with the 'steal signal' - a bunch of moves that ends in a two handed motion. My boy probably thought the guy had an itch or something - he looked away. The coach then starts with the double handed over the head wave. Ignored. And he keeps waving and waving. No response from my boy. He resorts to jumping in the air, continuing with the two armed wave. Nada. Priceless.

The best part? He ended up being the fastest kid on his team and after he would either get hit with a pitch or get a base on balls (because he never, ever did get a hit) the only thing he really COULD do was steal.

Here are the bunnies I didn't want to paint over in my daughter's bedroom. Her walls were the lightest purpley blue...I loved that color. And it's a good thing too because I can still see shades of it underneath the crapola paint that I used.

I thought I had taken a bunch of photos of her new bedroom but apparently not. So here's her new Build a Bear - Merrilee on her new quilt with a smidge of one of the new wall colors behind her.
We bobbed for apples at her birthday party. This was the thing she wanted to do most of all. Totally old school and it resulted in a room full of laughing squealing girls. Awesomeness.

That takes us through October....I've got to see what else is in this file...

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