Thursday, December 04, 2008

Excellent. The longest day of the week is now done and DONE. Between work, school, my daughters 3 after school/evening activities that post-sign up were all scheduled for the same night, work again and an 8 p.m. hockey all makes for a long day.

And we're five days late (and counting) for the big Christmas tree purchase. Although I'm pretty sure I'm the only one daughter's only mentioned it once, in passing.

My son invited me to be his guest for a day of crafts and a luncheon at his school. Flattered, although I'm not sure who else he would've asked, I accepted. He's in 6th grade so I can't imagine there'll be many more days like this....

And then he brought home the registration form.

The adults don't get to participate in the craft making like he thought. We're there to run the tables. Each teacher is asking for craft item donations and the whole group of teachers is asking for snacks, paper products, punch, etc.

And the luncheon? $6.00 a plate.

And the cost per child? Which includes the spaghetti lunch and the crafts and snack that we've provided most of the ingredients for? $9.00.

Is this crazy or is it just me?


SoFla Cat said...

Yes, that is craaazy. But fun, no?

jenny said...

It'll be fine, Cat. I was just surprised at the cost...