Saturday, December 06, 2008

Facebook. I just don't get you.

Okay. So I only log onto facebook once a month or so. Just to see what's going on over there and because I always think that maybe, just maybe this will be the time I figure out why people like it so much.

I just went through and tried to go through some of those pending requests...pillow fight, lil green patch...I quit after about five.

What's with all this sending stuff? Snowballs and iPods and scrapbooking shit? It's just imaginary stuff right? Like not real at all, right?

And pokes and super pokes and whatever the hell else. Good karma and 3D puppies?

What am I missing? Anything? Nothing? The entire point?

Enlighten me.


Jen on the Edge said...

I have no clue and I have TWO Facebook accounts (one for the blog and one for everything else). I usually just ignore the pokes and karma and whatnot.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Facebook isn't so bad. The stuff I love is finding people I haven't seen in ages and reconnecting. All I do is throw some photos up and post my status and read the statuses of my friends which can be quite funny. I ignore all those "someone sent you a drink", "someone put a present under your tree" stuff. And I'll karate chop anyone who tries to Poke me. I'm a married woman, after all.

You know my 'real' name, so if you want, "friend" me. I've only been on FB for a couple of months but it's pretty cool.

Mig said...

Just Ignore all those requests.

Except for the Mafia one. Which I will resend, I need you DESPERATELY

And, you will like it ...

Trust me ... moohahahahahaha

~**Dawn**~ said...

Most of the gifting and the requests and the whatever else I just ignore. I keep track of friends' statuses (statusi?) and what not. But I will admit, the SuperPoke app? That cracks me up. I don't do it all the time, but occasionally it just brightens my day to throw a sheep at someone or what have you. I think it's one of those things best done in moderation or it loses its therapeutic effect. ;-)

Jennifer said...

I ignore all requests. Unless it's something I know how to use and like and don't have to sign up a hundred friends to get it.

Yes it's all fake stuff, yes it's a huge waste of time, and yes I didn't get it for a long time too. But I do now. Just use it like a blog, write on eachothers wall like you would in comments and/or send that person a message which is only seen by the person your sending the message to. That's about it.

Blogging in my opinion is much more fun :) Except for the annoying word verifications I have to figure out daily ;)

John Clark said...

I keep getting nagged (by more people than just Mig) to join the Facebook revolution but I haven't. Yet. My brother made his attempt this morning telling me it's how he meets girls. The fact that he's 28 and still single isn't really a strong selling point.

But then again, I'm 37 and single. Ahem.

Anyway, if I do join, I'll be looking to you to enlighten ME, so get it all figured out first, will ya?

Amy said...

Me again. That last "john clark" comment was me, too. I just didn't realize LM was logged into his gmail and that he had some secret identity. UGH!!

Anyway, it's just me.

Mig said...

Thanks for the HEART ATTACK.

I am, how shall I say this, ahh yes, EAGERLY awaiting a new post.