Thursday, December 27, 2007

Time sure does fly, doesn't it?

I can't believe it's already been a week since the attack of the kidney stone...

Without getting into too much detail, I will say this: After the initial excruitiating back/kidney felt like a shard of glass traveling through my system. And a shard of glass? It fucking hurts.

Okay, moving on.

There were many christmasy activities over the past weekend - a family party complete with the return of a favorite cousin (home from Iraq), a pajama party at my mom's where instead of a big dinner we opted for breakfast and pj's at five p.m. - very fun, christmas eve was spent alternating between fits of cleaning and cooking and totally vegging on the couch with the kids and a movie or two and then serving up dinner for eleven.

And then christmas....ah, christmas. Wii totally enjoyed it all. They opened their goods and were playing contently when we asked them, post breakfast, to start cleaning up or at least make some neat PILES of things. The Wii was in a regular cardboard box and I asked the boy to bring it downstairs as it must be full of rubbish.

Of course, it wasn't empty and when he checked inside he said as if he were discussing the weather "oh, it's not rubbish it's a wii." And then he screamed "A Wii!!" and started to bounce around. The girlie in the meantime, bursts into tears and is so sure it can't be for her too because she HATES the Wii (?? huh ??).


So, we cajole her into making the first Mii and she is hooked. We play a quick game of tennis and then start to bowl and guess what??

Can you guess?

The TV dies. Dead. Kaput. Kablam.

No amount of shaking it or banging it (I know, I know but it worked last time) helped and so wii were wiiless.

Until yesterday when we spent entirely too much money on a TV but seeing as the options are limited to expensive and MORE expensive we did alright.

Side note: All TVs will have to be HD by 2010 and guess how many nonHD tv's they sold? Four. Two in the clearance section and two in the 15-19" section. Not exactly great options. And one of those silly bundled packages from the cable company actually saved us ten dollars a month...

And the dreaded comcast guy came this morning (two hours EARLY) and set us all up so now I'm able to watch Mike Rowe in HiDef. Not to mention the Patriots.


blackbird said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.
Now you can get tennis elbow.

SneakyPeek said...

Wii Excellente'

& What are your Friday night plans?


Amy said...

I'm so glad that the pain has PASSSED. I'm glad Christmas was a blast and no mention of the overseen list from a few weeks ago. WHEW!!

And if the wii isn't a hit, you can send it our way. WE are going to be the last people on the planet to own a Wii. I have no doubt. But I want one.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

That reminds me that I bought my husband some weights and now he needs a weight bench. Some gifts just keep on 'giving' don't they?

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! Glad you're feeling better.

and are you serious? ALL TV's?? HD?? why?

catsteevens said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas, other than dying TV....but I guess that was a good thing? I'm wondering the same thing Jennifer is, why must all TV's be HD?

Wii on!

vw bug said...

Had kidney stones. Hated it. Hope you are feeling better for the holidays. We got a wii as well. For the uhhh boys. ;-) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Lisa said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better.

Wii want to play!

HD.. ugh.. I have 4 non-compliant TV's. :(

~**Dawn**~ said...

I've never had a kidney stone, but I've had horrible bladder infections. I know that feels like peeing knives. So: my sympathies completely because this sounds like much the same sort of joyful experience.

Hmmmm... Patriots (and Sox!) in HD?? Yummy. (Picturing me some Mike Lowell. ::swoon::) But seriously: all tvs *have* to be HD by 2010?? For real? What if you don't have one? You just can't watch tv? Ack. OR is it just that they won't be able to sell anything but HD after that? ::crosses fingers::