Friday, December 07, 2007

Good Morning

My morning so far:

Breakfast for three (five if you include the pets)

Get one boy off to school. He's easy peasy in the morning - hardly a complaint and does alot of it without my nagging reminding. O

Feel slightly guilty because he's feeling kind of crummy but he's got my cell phone number so we'll see how it goes.

Get the girlie's clothes together

(why doesn't someone ANYONE put the laundry away?) rhetorical question. no one is here to listen to me whine.

Look in the eaves for gifts that are going back to the store (wrong size)
Look in the cellar for gifts that are going back to the store (the boy's too young for The Golden Compass)
Repeat both steps, as the Barbie I bought on a whim is so not needed and where the hell is it?

Give up hope of finding Barbie and move on to making sure the girlie is brushing her hair.

Remember where Barbie is. Move half the cellar to access the Barbie.


Bring all returnables out to the car. It's teeth chattering cold out there, why am I barefoot???

Return to cellar, where woodstove is cranking out the BTUs by the gazillion. Oh, yeah this is why.

Listen to one last run through of Cat in the Hat book report. Nice work, girlie.

Run upstairs, get a stray receipt, check a blog or two.

Is she brushing her teeth?

Will she want to buy the mystery lunch? (only a mystery because I lost the lunch menu)


8:43 a.m.

1 comment:

SneakyPeek said...

Here I was thinking, damn, that's a lot of returns for our shopping trip.

Then I realized you are taking care of them today. YAY.

So what happened to cozy?