Saturday, December 02, 2006

Making me Happy:

  • Finding my Wicked Good Slippers. Got them for christmas last year and totally forgot I had them.
wicked good indeed.

  • Squidward: "Have any of you ever played a musical instrument before?"
Patrick: "Is mayonnaise a musical instrument?"

  • Squirt Hockey: 10-1-0
  • Possible snow in the forecast
  • Eight Christmas presents left to buy. And I know EXACTLY what they are.

Making me question my sanity:

  • The son's attitude (and then punishment for said fit) when he got an answer he really didn't want to hear.

  • Husband's pending layoff. Although there are two furniture projects in his aside from the complete lack of money and possibly loss of health insurance, i will try (i only said TRY) to not let it drive me too batty.

  • The guinea pig hair loss issue. Still going on. All advice says "see a vet". And so we will, Monday at 2:45. It could be mites, lack of vitamin C (although with a daily dose of kale, carrots and enriched food - I'm doubting this), dehydration (he drinks, but how do I know if it's 'enough'??) or stress. I'm actually HOPING for mites. Sick, I know but I can kill them, clean the cage and be done with it. I can't control my own stress, never mind a guinea pig's.


Peter N said...

Snow might be coming for Monday......depending on the exact track of the as yet formed place will have the updates. I hope you are well, and enjoy the heck out of your weekend!

Jennifer said...

I'm always questioning my sanity where the kids are concerned. :)

I hope Gretzky gets better soon.

Twist of Kate said...

I can sympathize, I realize it's a pet, but I have to admit that the thought of taking a guinea pig to the vet...cracked me up. But hey, we all have things we do that others would not. I hope he gets better regardless!!!

catsteevens said...

"I can't control my own stress, never mind a guinea pig's." Hahahaha....I'm sorry, but that really made me laugh! I hope the lil' fellar gets better real soon.