Tuesday, December 26, 2006

10 Holiday Mysteries

1. Why did our tree, which we cut down ourselves, die a sudden and horrible death weeks ago? Shouldn't it live longer than the ones trucked down from Canada? It was watered regularly and the super drying woodstove wasn't on much and still pfft...dead. We're supposed to bring it to a New Year's Eve party where they burn the trees in a huge bonfire...it won't have even one needle left. However, a corner of my living room rug will be turning up pine needles until June.

2. Why did my husband ask my son to fill the birdfeeders on Christmas Eve? Kismet, I guess because the cabinet where the birdfood is kept is the EXACT SAME PLACE I stashed the Santa Claus wrapping paper after I had finished wrapping all the stocking stuffers earlier that afternoon. He totally saw the paper and at that point the boy had no idea what it was (or why there was a random roll of wrapping paper thrown in a cabinet in the cellar) and he laid it on my husband's workbench. After all the Eve festivities I was in the cellar warming up by the woodstove and I spied the wrapping paper. Thank god my husband told me that the boy moved it otherwise A.) The whole santa thing would've been outed and B.) I wouldn't have gotten to spend another hour first deciding the best course of action (1a. lazy = leave gifts wrapped and hope for the best. OR 1b. less lazy= rewrap with paper I had in my 4runner that he may have seen making the rewrap possibly pointless.) and then rewrapping all the stocking gifts at 11:45 that night.

3.) Why don't I remember to hide the gingerbread house? When I saw one of the gingerbread christmas trees and a speamint leaf missing I thought it was the girlie...I should've known. Four days later I left to go grocery shopping, when I returned there was only a sad plastic tray left. A sad plastic tray and a very sick dog. I guess I should be thankful the girlie got the croup that night so I was only kept awake for one entire night instead of two seperate ones.

4.) Why does my brother in law think I like him?

5.) Why does the convenient USB port on the front of the computer recognize my video iPod and camera but not my son's new shuffle? It only took me three hours of intermittent installing, restarting and clicking to find that other USB port on in the back.

6.) When was the last time I vacuumed behind the computer? ew.

7.) Why can't I spell vaccuumed? vacuumed? vacuummed?

8.) Why does Tom Brady not have a proper wide receiver? And more importantly do you think he broke up with his girlfriend because she proved to be a distraction this year as he's struggling more than usual as he DOES NOT HAVE A CONSISTENT WIDE RECEIVER? This has been an issue all season it will be and even bigger issue post-season. Hey, they played on Christmas Eve and a tight-end was his go to guy...it qualifies as a holiday mystery. To me, anyway.

9.) Is it unchristmasy to pack away decorations before Christmas? I had the entire village packed up and stored by noon on Christmas eve. And I was glad to see it go.

10.) Is it wrong to want us all to sleep in one bed so that I don't have to make three beds every day? The kids will do it if I ask them but they don't make them how I like them, which means I have to redo the bedmaking. I am by no means a clean freak nutso but I can't stand a messy bed.


Amy said...

1. My tree, which was cut in the far woods of Canada sometime in early September is still alive and kicking despite not sucking up much water. Nary a needle has fallen. Don't know what the feed the trees up north, but I like it.

2. Oh, men. There is no explanation. Nice save, though.

3. After all the icing and gooey licked fingers and stickiness that comes with a gingerbread house, I'm glad to see anyone else BUT me eat it.

4. I just have to laugh at this one. (I like my bro-in-law).

5. I haven't tried to plug in my shuffle yet, but I'm hoping I don't have nearly the issues you did.

6. I have a laptop. Vacuuming under (or behind) it is as easy as standing up and brushing off my legs.

7. Vacuum is a bizzarro word. You don't have to know how to spell it.

8. Yeah, what is up with Mr. Brady? I think the girlfriend had to go because Tom realized he's in love with this girl in SE PA (that'd be me). And wide receivers are overrated. I was glad Maroney was back.

9. I'm ready to put away the decorations and we just got them out a week ago. Time to put away, clean and rearrange!!

10. I totally relate! My son can't make a bed to save his life and his room is visible from the kitchen which means I have to stare at it all the time. I have not yet found a solution. No one is sleeping in my bed but me (and the cats!)

SneakyPeek said...

Just for clarification here ....

Clean freak nutso = one who must remake the bed if it's not done to one's liking.


Lisa said...

Did the Shuffle come with software to install?

Or maybe the computer is assigning it a drive letter that's already taken. Try going into Control Panel (Classic view), Computer Management, Administrative Tools, Disk Management and see what you have there. If you see the shuffle there, right click on it and change the drive letter.

Jennifer said...

I can never spell that word either!

and yes... I agree with sneakypeek! You're a freak! hahahahhaa