Saturday, December 16, 2006

Jenny's Christmas Countdown

250 - pages left for the boy to read of Eragon. Pages I'd like read before we see the movie.

30- Degrees the temperature needs to drop. Enough of this warm.

11- Days 'till the root canals.

8 - tires needed for both vehicles.

7 - presents to wrap for christmas at my mom's later today.

6 - The amount of Christmas cards I'm short. Note to self: count the list BEFORE you order.

5 -The number of appliances in this house that are on the fritz or just one good cycle past the fritz. Dryer, Microwave, Oven, Dishwasher, Toaster Oven. Plus smoke was coming out of the switch on my blowdryer. That's never good.

4 - days left of sanity school.

1 - The number of times I refrained from calling my husband to question him, in a not so nice manner, on why he left the new guinea pig cage box in the middle of the bathroom floor, where the boy and girl could find it. Find it and read the label.

2- Number of Gift Certificates "misplaced".

2 - times the girl has been sent to her room this morning.

0 - The number of days on my calander that are blank between now and December 28th.

There is an overwhelming temptation to invite all or part of the hockey team over after practice next Saturday.

Help me to resist.

I've been struggling with the whole lack of spirit thing. I thought that maybe it was the weather (meh, 60 degrees in december still kind of sucks) turns out it wasn't.

Anyway, I got this christmas card yesterday, from a friend in blog land, it was just a wee little card but somehow, driving home last night looking at lights and reflecting on the fact that this world is a whole lot smaller than I'd ever thought *insert blog sappiness here* - it hit me...

It's Christmas.

And your stories of choosing trees, feeling scroogish, mailing cards, advent sundays, buying gifts, making dinners and planning parties - they make it more so.

Have a great weekend.


blackbird said...

no good can come of it, save perhaps some christmas cheer.

with hugs from Tuvalu

IGirl said...

Hi, moved again. heehee Happy Holidays

Jennifer said...

It is Christmas...
without all the hussle and bussle it just wouldn't be the same.. you wouldn't appreciate things a little more once you sit and think about it. Well... I think so anyway..

the weather though. HAS TO GO!! I'm a happier girl in the snow.

Happy Holidays Jenny!

Amy said...

We decorated the tree late, but finally got it done on Friday night. But I can't find out Christmas cd's. AT ALL. They may have been taken in a box inadvertantly to my sister's (in Michigan) but it wasn't helping my lack o' spirit. (And you're right this weather bites!) But, I went shopping on Saturday and got excited about the gifts I was giving and got excited about the day and now suddenly, I'm INFUSED with the spirit of Christmas! Now to just pick up the angel food cake for Monday (it's is Jesus' birthday afterall!)

SneakyPeek said...

I have lots of spirit, I will share with you at breakfast.

And I'll come to the hockey party, just to remind you how crazy you are ....

Hee hee ...