Monday, August 07, 2006

Maybe Javy Lopez is getting a little 'subsidy' from Steinbrenner. A little something extra every week to ensure that he will SUCK at the plate. And what's happening to Timlin? *sigh*

We took in a little semipro ball yesterday. Or maybe it's not semipro, but the tickets were free and it was baseball with friends so we went...and enjoyed.

And how do I now know the girlie would never last with me at Fenway? 47,252 trips to A. Face Painting, B. the bathroom, C. The Snack Bar. Cripes. But she left with a butterfly painted on her face, a belly full of cotton candy and a smile, so I guess it all worked out.

After the game they let you run the bases, very cool. For the kids.

And at $8.00 a ticket it's cheaper than a movie. Who pays $9.00 to see You, Me and Dupree??? Really.

I wish I could put into words just how much I hate, no, HATE to grocery shop with both of my kids in tow. They don't really beg for things, it's more a general and constant pushing of my buttons. I have to go and I'm dreading it.

Current countdowns?

4 weeks and one day until fourth grade.

4 weeks and three days until kindergarten.

2 weeks and some days until hockey starts. (note: that's the boy counting down - he thinks we've wrecked him by making him take four months off)

1 week and four days until the husband and children head to the Granite State for a long weekend. And I? Do not.

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