Friday, August 04, 2006

Deadly viruses and a Chicken

You know what's fun?

Convincing yourself that, as a result of shoddy parenting, (not applying bugspray to your kids during a cookout and them getting some where in the neighborhood of 25 mosquito bites each) your daughter's mysterious stomach bug with a slight fever and big time lethargy is actually not a harmless virus but Eastern Equine Encephalitis.


Infected mosquitos, the human biting ones this time, were found in town.

They're spraying but apparently not until Monday.

From some website I found while googling for the spray details:

Pine duBois, executive director of the Jones River Watershed Association, was alarmed to learn that spraying would begin so soon.

`I think it's an extreme tactic to take, and I think that they have a long way to go to prove that it's safer for us to experience aerial bombardment of that nature than to take precautions to protect ourselves," she said.

Since 30% of people who get infected DIE and another high percentage have to be institutionalized because of severe brain damage I'd venture a guess and say Miss duBois hasn't had her daughter covered in bug bites, doubled over with belly cramps and lying on the couch glassy eyed while the mom is staring at EEE fact sheets online and crying a bit. And hoping with all of her might that we are not the 1 in 54,000,000 statistic, as was a five year old girl from this neck of the woods last summer.

Aerially bombard me anyday.

P.S. The girlie is MUCH better this morning. And so am I.

Oh. and a bird for a bird:

An old picture from an old post.

A beer butt chicken. One of the favorite meals in this house. Pathetically easy and almost foolproof. And now I know what we'll have for dinner tomorrow.

Chicken, with a side of DEET. Yum-may!

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