Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Kid Pix (again?!?!?!) and Freddy update

Sorry all I keep posting are pictures of the kids and the dogs. Maybe that's not totally true, but it seems that way to me. They're just easy marks for the camera. We went to our friend's boy's birthday party tonight and in the goodie bags were little squirt guns. Well, because my daughter is only three she didn't make the cut and got bubbles. Far be it for that to stop her from soaking her dad. She sticks her whole face in the pool, takes in a big mouthful of water and spits it all over him. SURPRISE! Makes a mother proud. Only sixty nine days of summer vacation left. Oh, and we brought Freddy to the vet. It's official --- 11-12 years old and probably deaf with a heart murmur (which the kind doctor told me would most likely lead to congenital heart failure). Poor guy. Now he's allowed to sleep on the furniture.

The monkey bars at our friend's son's birthday party. Posted by Hello

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