Monday, June 21, 2004


I know, yuck. But too bad. This is the first time anyone of us has had this eye goop so I felt like sharing. Here we are at the doctor's office

That's my son's eye. It doesn't look nearly as bad as it does in person.

I work one day a week and today, the longest most beautiful day here in New England, I go into the office before I remember that the girl I work for was taking the day off and told me that I could have it off too. DAMN, DAMN, DAMN! So I put in one good hour and took off. My girl was already at the baby sitters so I read, ate a quiet lunch, pet my doggies and off to the babysitter's. Then I got the phone call and the mad rush to the doctor's so I can get the prescription so he can take the medicine twice before bed so he doesn't miss the last day of school. AAAHHH- relaxation at it's finest.

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Jennifer said...

Your picture did not open. My son got conjuntivitis last summer. I don't know how? Yes very yucky. My daughter got it the day after her first vaccine :S I checked it out and the "stuff" is actually in the vaccine. yuck. Hope nobody gets it again.