Sunday, June 27, 2004

Here's my son in the same site. All in all, it really was a good trip. The kids had a blast, totally covered in dirt. We took icy showers in the woods and cooked our dinner over the campfire. It did end up raining all day Saturday, but we went to a Family Festival in Augusta that day. Camping is a relatively inexpensive way to have fun with the family. Here's what it cost for us to camp this weekend

$500.00 in missed overtime work
$ 31.00 spare tire
$100.00 gasoline (although the prices seem to be coming down)
$ 55.00 Rite Aid replacements
$500.00 Insurance deductable if we want to fix the truck

So for only $1,186.00 you too can have a stressful, rainy weekend with the family, no food, water or electricity included!!

The future campsite!! Posted by Hello

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