Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday? You bet.

Daughter: Good Friday? Why's it called Good Friday?

Me: Because you don't have any school.

*climbs inside handbasket to await journey to the underworld*

I'm hostessing an Easter Brunch this year. Which, while it's not my first choice or even my 61st choice of things I want to be mother in law scheduled her Easter dinner at a time that leaves me no choice. Well, no choice if I want to see my family.

Other reasons for it being a Good Friday?

Sunshine, kids making Easter chocolates with my mother in law, husband golfing, dog running around a fenced in yard, going grocery shopping alone, sunshine. dinner with friends, husband got his CDL license, thumb is healing nicely, the Bruins beat the Habs last night and oh...did I mention SUNSHINE?


Mig said...

Excellent! Happy Good Friday to you!

Jennifer said...

:) Sunshine is the best!

catsteevens said...

Hope you had a Happy Easter!