Thursday, April 02, 2009

Echo....echo, echo, echo. Anyone? Anyone?

Yikes, TWO MONTHS without a post?

Let's see how things stand around here....

1. Husband, still out of work. He's going back in a matter of weeks, though. A local channel did one of their 'investigative reports' on his company and the whole owner in prison thing. What it added up to was them trying to drum up a story and the people they interviewed saying they have no problem working with this company, they've totally restructured and blah, blah, blah. In your face channel five.

2. The boy? Is well. There's one more hockey game, a tournament final and we are DONE. For a month, anyway. School is going spectularly this year. He's trying to negotiate for a cell phone...Fail. It took him until about a month ago to start checking people in hockey, nothing like seeing your seventy pound kid rub a 150 lb giant into the boards. Love it!

3. The girlie? One minute she's the death of me and the next she's quite literally the kindest person I know. She's also trying to negotiate for a cell phone and this FAIL needs to be in caps. She's playing dome soccer and now Spring Travel is about to start. She's the little enforcer on the team and when she was told to choose her number for her uniform? She picked 17, after her favorite Boston Bruin - Milan Lucic.

Going on record here as saying that the announcer, Jack Edwards is THE best. "They have beaten them. And tonight they have beaten them up." Love that guy.

4. Truman. Welcome home.


Jen on the Edge said...

Welcome back online. The blogosphere has clearly been one Jennifer short.

Mig said...

Well, HELLO!

Smooches to #4.

Amy said...


And yes, doggie kisses and loves to #4. Well, and congrats to all the rest, too, but puppies always take the cake.

catsteevens said...

Oh I could just gobble him up --- Truman is way too kyoot!

And admit it, you've been on Facebook this whole time, right?

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Can't wait to meet your pup! Glad to see you're still around. Yet another year we didn't make it to skating on the pond. FAIL for us.

blackbird said...


I'm ashamed of myself for not having checked up on you.
That's a sweet puppy! And I don't even LIKE puppies!

Welcome back.

(wv is casio! go figure.)

~**Dawn**~ said...

Ohhh puppy!!