Thursday, August 14, 2008

Husband: Hey, we saw groundhog at the tennis courts the other day.

Me: A big groundhog? Like a Puxatawney Phil groundhog?

Girlie: Well, maybe not a groundhog....Maybe it was a quahog!


FedEx phone guy: So, you're shipping from zip code 21356?

Me: Nope, *gives correct zip code*

FedEx guy: Darn it, I thought I had Massachusetts memorized?

Me: You have to memorize the zip codes?!?!

Him: Yeah, we're supposed to know the whole country but...

Me - interupting: What?! Hey, I hope FedEx is paying you well over there, Rainman.

Him: I'm totally lying to you.

Me: Ack! You totally had me!


Husband's Work Friend: So they wanted me to work with P. at the job site but I turned them down. I told them that the last time P. has put in a hard day's work the Dead Sea had just gotten sick.


Husband's Work Friend as he gets off the phone with his ex wife - to my husband: Don't ever have an Ex.

Me: Oh, he'll never have an ex but he may have a widow.


The FedEx guy just called me back and asked me to bring up the website. So I click around and watch it start loading.

Him: Sorry to do this to you, I know you're busy with the phones and whatnot.

Me: That's okay but I hope you've got awhile. I'm on dial-up.

Him: HUGE pause, then - Um, oh. Okay.

Me: Gotcha.

Him: AHHHHH! Payback for the zipcodes! Well played.


Jennifer said...

"He may have a widow" HA! good one!

Amy said...

LOL I love them all!!!

vw bug said...

That was great. Wish I was that quick to think of things to get my hubby back.

Fairly Odd Mother said...

Well played indeed! Love those comments.