Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Refresher

So, hey now.

It's been awhile. And my promise to dust off my keyboard was forgotten...you know you don't visit your blog too often if when you type the first three letters and a different site pops down in the menu.

Summer, fall and nearly winter have come and gone. More of the same here...

The boy will be THIRTEEN in one month. Thirteen. Since we've last spoken he's gotten a cell phone and a girlfriend. He's still playing hockey and can text faster with his cheapo phone than I can type on a full size keyboard.
He flashes this look every two to three minutes to let us know just how disappointing we are.

My girl? Nine years old. She wants to do EVERYTHING. Last week after talking about signing her up for softball we're snuggled in watching some crazy downhill skiing thing...wipeout after wipeout. She turns to me and says "Mom, about softball..." I, thinking she's nervous to try something new says "Scared?" and she says "Nah, I think I'd rather ski".

And that's about it on the kid front.

The dog is, like, 85 pounds of lazy puppy. He's good, better than we could ever expect from a lab puppy. The husband? Working hard at coaching hockey - recently re-employed (the annual winter layoff appears to be over) and I? Am busy trying to juggle the kids sports, the almost-a-teen romance, the hockey coaches wife thing, school...I almost forgot SCHOOL, perfecting my homemade frosting, reading and watching The Wire or True Blood or Weeds or Surivor.

Pretty much the same stuff that's been going on for the past four years or so.


And while part of me is disappointed that not a whole lot has change another part of me likes it just fine.

I'm thinking this isn't going to make for too many interesting posts but I'm thinking of giving it another shot here...


Jen on the Edge said...

Welcome back!

If you're going to pull up another blog instead of yours, I'm thrilled that it's mine. :-)

We get the eye-rolling thing too. And all I can think is, "This is payback for 25 years ago."

~**Dawn**~ said...

Hey there, stranger! =)

jenny said...

Jen, it's good to be back...I think. :)

I still read the same blogs if not daily then weekly. I'm just not much for commenting.

I hope the payback stops at eyerolling but somehow I don't think I'm going to be so lucky!


Hello! Good to see you here!

Fairly Odd Mother said...

With the warmer weather, we will soon reappear in your little piece of paradise. Send that adorable girl over our way---I have a 9yo who'd love to play when we're at the pond.

And your son? Gorgeous. I hope you like his girlfriend!

Mig said...


Cat said...
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Cat said...

Wow. I had to blink twice. Glad you're back!

I changed my blog --- now I am SoFla Mom, www.soflamom.blogspot.com